Fluke Multifunction Tester Australia

Digital Multifunction Tester or DC Clamp Meter? Which Type of Fluke Meter Should You Buy (And Where Can You Find It in Australia?)

You’re shopping for a tool to measure electricity and aren’t sure where to start. You end up on the Rapid-Tech Equipment website and start browsing our selection of Fluke measurement tools. You see that we have both digital multifunction testers and clamp meters. Which one is right for you?

If you haven’t ever done a lot of electrical measurements before, then it’s completely understandable that you would get a bit confused when browsing Fluke multifunction testers in Australia and then finding clamp meters as well. In fact, you might even assume that these two tools perform the same core function, just in different ways.

Understanding the Difference Between Digital Multifunction Testers and Clamp Meters

In actuality, you would buy a DC clamp meter in Australia for a slightly different application than you would buy a multifunction tester. Both types of tools are used to get electricity readings. Both are types of multimeters, which can be used to measure voltage (volts), current (amperes) and resistance (ohms). In most cases, a digital multifunction tester is used primarily for voltage measurements, while a clamp meter is used mainly for current measurements. However, since both types have current, voltage and resistance capabilities, there is some overlap there.

If you specifically need to measure the voltage of an electrical system, then you should opt for a Fluke multifunction tester in Australia. If you’re specifically measuring current, you’ll probably opt for a clamp meter. If you take both types of measurements often—whether for work or for a home improvement project you’re doing—you’ll likely want one of each device. You can’t take simultaneous readings of both current and voltage on the same meter, so having different devices geared towards each type of measurement can help you be more efficient in your work.

Get Help Choosing the Right Multifunction Tester or DC Clamp Meter in Australia

The rules laid out above are just general musings. There are some current jobs that a multifunction tester can measure without much problem. Ditto for voltage and clamp meters.

If you need help choosing the right DC clamp meter or Fluke multifunction tester in Australia, call Rapid-Tech Equipment. Fluke is arguably the premiere name in multimeters, and we hold one of the largest ranges of Fluke-brand multimeters in the entire country.

Furthermore, our employees are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the different multimeters in our range. Our business has been selling these products to Australian electricians, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers for the better part of two decades. We know which meters are best for which types of measurements, projects and buyers, and can point you in the right direction. Whether you’ve worked with a multimeter in the past or not, we’ll make sure you walk out the door with the right product.

Are you interested in starting your search for the perfect multifunction tester or clamp meter? Call Rapid-Tech Equipment on 1800 358 531 to speak to one of our sales associates.