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Diagnosing issues within complex electrical systems is hardly a walk in the park. As an electrician, you are likely to word hard day in and day out tweaking systems, making repairs, and ensuring that your customers have access to safe, uninterrupted power. Whether working in the utilities industry with heavy-duty power systems or as an electrical consultant assisting in the implementation of new systems, having a digital multimeter you can trust to be accurate in resistance, voltage, and amperage measurements are critical.

That is why at Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, we stock the brands of digital multimeter you can trust. From Extech, Flir, Tenmars, Yokogawa to HT Italia and Reed, there are many options to choose from. When you are unsure what the best multimeter for the job is, turn to one of our staff members. With over a hundred years of combined experience in the test and measurement field, we have practically seen it all. Based on our knowledge of the industry, the devices we sell, and experience with prior enquiries, we can easily help you find the digital multimeter you need to work safely in Melbourne.

Find the Right Digital Multimeter Online in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth

Heading out into the field without a digital multimeter if in Brisbane can complicate a job significantly. Without the ability to directly measure voltage and current, an electrical job can be almost impossible. Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd stocks a wide range of multimeters that not only accomplish all the tasks you require of them but conform to rigorous safety standards such as CAT III and CAT IV. This way you can use your digital multimeter knowing the tool is properly insulated and safe to handle around high power equipment.

We stock multimeters that can take accurate AC and DC voltage measurements up to one thousand volts, current measurements up to ten amps, and can perform a wide range of other functions as well. These include measuring resistance across a system, gauging the strength of a capacitor, and taking temperature measurements to ensure the system is not overheating. These functions are essential, and should be a part of the digital multimeter you employ on the job in Sydney.

Years of Experience and Unwavering Dedication to Quality Service

At Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, we understand that when you make an investment in tools, you want products that are high-quality and long-lasting. With 100 years of combined experience in the testing and measurement industries, our staff can assist you in maximising the return on your investment in a digital multimeter. Perth companies looking to source their equipment from us can rely on our expertise to guide them towards the perfect product each time. With competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time on shipping, we are a superior option for purchasing the tools you need.

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