Yokogawa AQ6373E Visible Wavelength Optical Spectrum Analyzer 350 – 1200 nm

Discover the power of precision with the Yokogawa AQ6373E Visible Wavelength Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This versatile bench-top unit, engineered for the visible light spectrum (350 – 1200 nm), delivers high-speed, accurate analysis ideal for the development and manufacturing of lasers, passive devices, and LEDs. With three distinct models to meet various application demands, it’s perfect for use across the biomedical, material processing, consumer product, and telecommunications sectors. Featuring wide optical dynamic range and high wavelength resolution, the AQ6373E delivers superior measurements of various lasers and nonlinear optics. The built-in cut filter minimizes the impact of high order diffracted light, and the multi-touch touchscreen ensures smooth, intuitive operation. Plus, with the new application function (APP mode), you can navigate from setting conditions to outputting analysis results with ease. Enhance your industrial, bio-medical, or research institution operations with the Yokogawa AQ6373E Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

PDF Download  Yokogawa AQ6370 Series Datasheet

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