PROVA 2022 -| AC/DC HVAC TRMS Clamp Meter – 2000A ~ 0.01A / CAT III 600V

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The Prova 2022 is an affordable and versatile clamp meter that can measure AC or DC current up to 2000 amps. It’s a great tool for electrical contractors and technicians. This clampmeter can measure AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, continuity, diode voltage, and capacitance with ease. With LoZ (Low input impedance) measurement of AC/DC voltage measurement and non-contact voltage detection (NCV), this clampmeter is sure to make your job easier. Additionally, the temperature measurement function in either ℃ or ℉ will come in handy in a variety of situations. The large 55mm jaw diameter allows for easy clamping on big cables while the fast bar graph display (30 times/sec.) enables you to quickly identify transient observations. Plus, the large 3 3/4 digits LCD makes it easy to read measurements even in low-light conditions. The 600V overload protection for ohm/capacitance measurement rounds out the features of this exceptional clampmeter.

PDF Download PROVA 2022 – Datasheet

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