PROVA 1011 PV (Solar) System Analyzer


The Prova 1011 is the perfect instrument for determining the ideal solar panel location and then can measure panel performance (I-V curves), maximum power point, isolation—all vital in making an efficient solar panel installation.

 Use the Prova 1011 for installations up to 12 kilowatts and also measure panel temperature. It can test individual panel performance for MPP (perfect for choosing roof location) and display I-V curves, VOC and ISC, VPM and IPM at max. power.

The Prova 1011 will measure the overall system efficiency for converting the DC power to AC power and can communicate to your computer via wireless bluetooth or through it’s optically isolate USB connector.

pdf    Prova 1011 Datasheet
pdf   Prova 1011 PV Specification Sheet

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