Yokogawa MC100 Pneumatic Pressure Standard

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The Yokogawa MC100 Series is well-suited for calibration and maintenance of pressure instrumentation.

Various pressure instruments such as pressure sensors, industrial transmitters, and pressure switches, as well as sphygmomanometers and other medical devices face severe price competition and demands for improved accuracy.

The Yokogawa MC100 Pneumatic Pressure Standard meets your many requirements with these features:

  • High accuracy ±(0.05% of full scale)
  • Excellent stability provided by silicon resonant sensor
  • Low temperature coefficient Zero point: ±0.003% of full scale/°C Span: ±0.002% of full scale/°C
  • Divided output function with as many as 20 steps
  • Auto-step output function
  • Sweep output function
  • Offset monitor function to present deviation from final value

Silicon resonant sensor

Silicon resonant sensor
  • High sensitivity and resolution and superior long-term stability
    The vibrators are in a vacuum. This reduces the dispersion of vibration energy. Combined with the superior flexibility of monocrystal silicon, this makes it possible to obtain a high Q value.
  • Extremely low temperature dependence
    Two vibrators are used, and pressure is derived from the difference between the two unique oscillation counts. With this operating structure, it is possible to cancel out external environment influences such as ambient temperature. In addition, the oscillators are in a vacuum, so they are not affected by ambient temperature or humidity.

Yokogawa MC100 Front Panel

Front Panel

Yokogawa MC100 Rear Panel

Rear Panel

Calibration System

Calibration System