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The Extech PH100 pH Meter with it’s flat surface electrode allows for the fast and easy on-the-spot pH measurements

The waterproof ExStik® PH100 pH meter is an accurate, rugged and reusable stick pH meter with some unique data storage features that make it exceptionally easy to use and considerably enhance its usability.

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The Extech PH100 Waterproof pH Meter measures the negative log of hydrogen ion concentration in a water-based solution. The term “pH” was first described by Danish biochemist Søren Peter Lauritz Sørensen in 1909. The H is capitalized because it is standard to capitalize element symbols

pH is a quantitative measure of the acidity or basicity of aqueous or other liquid solutions. The measurement of pH is widely used in chemistry, biology, and agronomy, translates the values of the concentration of the hydrogen ion. A solution with a pH less than 7 is considered acidic; a solution with a pH greater than 7 is considered basic, or alkaline and a pH of 7 is considered neutral.

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The Extech PH100 flat surface electrode allows you to measure pH in liquids, semi-solids and solids and limits electrode breakage and clogged junctions. The Renew indicator tells you when it’s time to replace your electrode. The CAL alert ensures consistently accurate readings by telling you when you need to recalibrate.

A Memory feature records and recalls 15 sequentially tagged readings, so you will know how your readings have changed over time. The LCD readout displays pH, temperature and an analog bargraph that shows trends in acidity or alkalinity and indicates when the reading is stable. 1, 2 or 3 point calibration automatically recognizes buffer solutions.

Other features include automatic temperature compensation, auto power off, low battery indicator and data hold. The PH100 comes with a protective sensor cap, sample cup, four SR44 button batteries and a 48 in. (1.2 m) neck strap. For more convenience, purchase the EX006 weighted base, which holds both the sample cup and ExStik® meter.

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Extech PH100 ExStik pH Meter Features:

  • Built-in Smart chip offers advanced functions and features to a stick style pH meter not found anywhere else
  • RENEW feature that tells you when it’s time to replace your pH electrode
  • CAL feature that tells you when it’s time to recalibrate your meter
  • Flat Surface pH electrode that is completely waterproof and rugged enough to withstand harsh environments
  • Analog bargraph originates at neutral point (pH 7.00) to conveniently view trends in acidity or alkalinity
  • Temperature measurements with Atomatic Temperature Compensation
  • 1, 2 or 3 point calibration automatically recognizes buffer solutions. Order pH buffers separately
  • Complete with flat surface pH electrode, protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, four 3V CR-2032 button batteries, & 1.2m neckstrap

Extech PH100 ExStik pH Meter Specifications:

Specifications Range
pH 0.00 to 14.00pH
Temperature -5 to 90°C
Max Resolution 0.01pH, 0.1°
Basic Accuracy ±0.01pH, ±1°C
Memory 15 readings
Dimensions/ Weight 35.6 x 172.7 x 40.6mm / 110g