Extech MO100 Moisture Meter

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Pocket size meter with adjustable pins for wood and building materials

The Extech MO100 is a Pocket sized moisture meter which measures moisture content in wood, plaster and building materials. The multi-position sensor pins retract for safe storage. Calibration adjustment offers increases repeatability. Includes spare pins, two AAA batteries and storage case.

CE    1 Year

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Extech MO100 Moisture Meter Features

  • Unique dual LCD displays wall moisture (0 to 100) and air temperature (-32° to 122°F or 0 to 50°C) simultaneously
  • Moisture content displayed on a relative scale
  • Multi-position pins with safety storage of replaceable pins
  • Easy to operate with selectable side switch (OFF, Test, and Calibrate)
  • Data hold to freeze reading on display
  • Calibration adjustment for better repeatability


Display Two LCD displays
Display Range 0 to 100
°C/ °F Range 0°C to 50°C (32°F to122°F )
°C/ °F Resolution 0.2°
Operating %RH 90% Relative Humidity (max.)
Power Two (2) AAA batteries
Dimensions 192 x 30 x 45 mm
Weight 108g

Converting Relative Readings to %Moisture Content The readings obtained with this meter are relative indications of the moisture level NOT % moisture content. Please refer to the table for an approximate conversion of relative readings to % moisture content.

Wood Scale Conversion (Approx)
REL 2 4 8 16 22 30 38 44 62 68 72 76 78 83
%MC 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

Safety Note: The Extech MO100 has a rotating head with a push button lock release for your safety. Please remember to rotate the head back so that the pins are safely hidden inside the storage area.


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