Extech 380400 Resistance Decade Box


Resistance box with 7 decade ranges of resistance.

  • 3 binding posts permit isolated substitutions
  • 1% Resistance substitution from 1 to 11, 111, 110Ohm
  • Seven decade ranges of resistance

Authorised Australian Distributor

1 Year

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Extech 380400 Decade Boxes

Extech 380400 Resistance Decade Box offers 7 decades of resistance ranges from 1 to over 11MΩ (in 1Ω steps). Slide switches allow easy addition and subtraction of resistance values. Binding posts (3) offer simple and secure connections.

Testing This device can be used to verify the calibration integrity of MultiMeters, LCR meters, Calibrators, etc. Connect as described above in the Binding Post Connection section. Set the resistance switches to output the desired resistance. Ensure that the voltage supplied by the device under test does not overload the 0.3W internal resistor power rating. The device under test should read the value of resistance selected on the tester. If it does not, the device under test may need calibration, adjustment, or repair.

The 28 front panel switches are used to select the resistance that will be available on the RED and BLACK terminals. When a switch is set to the IN position, the value printed above the switch is added to the total resistance available at the posts. When the switch is set to OUT it is excluded from the total resistance. If all of the switches are set to OUT, the total output resistance is zero (+ 0.3Ω internal resistance – approx.). For example, if the desired output value is 10.5KΩ, set the following switches to the IN position: 10K, 400Ω, and 100Ω.

In heavy duty durable construction housing used for product design or calibration checks.

Key Features:

  • Durable construction
  • Case may be grounded separately
  • Three binding posts permit isolated substitutions
  • Dimensions: 116.8 x 144.8 x 35.6mm; Weight: 300g
  • 1% Resistance substitution from 1 to 11,111,110
  • Seven Decade Ranges of Resistance
  • Values can be set in 1 increments
  • 0.3W resistors
  • 0.3 internal zero resistance 380405 Capacitance Box


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