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Oscilloscopes that fit your requirements and your budget, from top value to top performance.
Oscilloscope innovation that delivers measurement confidence. Excellent signal fidelity, high acquisition rate, an innovative trigger system and a clever user interface – that’s what you get with Rohde&Schwarz, a leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes.

Match your needs with the right oscilloscope platform, probing options and software applications. From general purpose test to solutions for specific industry standards,
Rohde & Schwarz have you covered.

To help you find the perfect Rohde and Schwarz equipment, here is a list of items that we can help you with:

  • We can provide you with an excellent Rhode and Schwarz FPC. This product provides investment protection through its software frequency upgrade capability. Unlike the base model, this model works with up to 2GHz or 3GHz. It also features class-leading RF performance. It is the perfect tool for university laboratories, research institutions, and production facilities.
  • You can find the R&S NGM200 Power Supply series here with options including the single-channel R&S NGM201 and dual-channel R&S NGM202. These both include a power output of up to 60 Watts per channel. These channels float, come galvanically isolated, and are protected against overloads and short circuits.
  • If you need network analysers, we have excellent options with our R&S ZND Vector Network Analysers, the R&S ZNL Vector Network Analysers, or the R&S ZNLE Vector Network Analysers.
  • We have convenient oscilloscopes available that can easily fit your requirements and your budget. Whether you need top value or top performance, we have the equipment to ensure your satisfaction. Rohde and Schwarz is a leading oscilloscope manufacturer, so you know that you are securing the quality that you need with products that last.

If you require additional information
contact our Rohde & Schwarz Specialist
Mark Fisher on FreePhone 1800 358 531

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