HT Italia MACROTEST-G3 Multifunction Continuity/Earth Safety Tester


Macrotest G1 is an innovative multifunction installation tester capable of carrying out safety tests on civil and industrial electric systems in compliance with IEC/EN 61557-1. Its resistive TFT color touch-screen display, its icon menu, its help-on-line and its user-friendly development make the instrument extremely intuitive even for unskilled users.

Its numerous features grant the user a wide range of applications in the world of measurement. The multifunction installation tester allows saving all measurements into an internal memory so the saved data can be downloaded to a PC through a USB port (provided as standard) or built-in Wi-Fi interfaces with iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.

The Macrotest G3 also drives the optional IMP57 accessory to carry out high resolution (0.1mOhm) loop/line impedance measurements with prospective short-circuit current calibrations. Further possible tests consist in checking breakdown current, tripping current, I2t relative to breakers (MCB) with curves B, C, D, K and fuse type gG as well as aM and percentage voltage drop on the main power lines. Test on earth leakage relay tester RCDs up to 10 amps (with optional RCDX10 accessory).

The software supplied among standard accessories allows for printing of test reports. The multifunction tester has an Optional clamp (T2100) which permits to quickly check the resistance of earth probes without disconnection from the earth system.


logopdf (2) G3 Data Sheet


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