Hertzinno HZ-HA-160 Handheld Acoustic Camera – Advanced Sound Solution for Leak Detection — With 64 CH MEMS, supports partial discharge predication and gas leaks estimation on device. ATEX support.

The Hertzinno HZ-HA-160 Handheld Acoustic Camera is designed for advanced sound solutions.

This professional-grade camera is perfect for Leak Detection and more. With its robust 64 CH MEMS, detect partial discharges and estimate gas leaks with ease. Experience a dynamic range of 30dB to 120dB and frequency bands from 2kHz to 65kHz, enabling exceptional sound source localization and abnormal sound testing.

Not only does the HZ-HA-160 excel in performance, but it’s also built to withstand tough working conditions, with an IP51 protection level and a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C.

Backed by ATEX support, this acoustic camera ensures efficiency, reliability, and accuracy in your acoustic analysis projects. Choose the Hertzinno HZ-HA-160 for unmatched leak detection and more.

PDF Download  HZ-HA-160 Datasheet

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