GW Instek GOS-635G & GOS-622G Analogue Oscilloscope


Analogue Oscilloscope – 35MHz & 20MHz

The GOS-635G and GOS-622G are general purpose analogue oscilloscopes with 35MHz and 20MHz bandwidth, respectively. These products are designed for a wide range of applications ranging from product designs or assembly lines to Electrical Engineering laboratories or class experiments. Featuring a low vertical sensitivity at 1mV/div and versatile triggering, the GOS-635G and GOS-622G can reliably capture small signals. The GOS-635G/622G is the highest performance/price solution in the Test & Measurement market.


  • 35MHz Bandwidth, Dual Channel
  • High Sensitivity 1mV/div
  • TV Synchronization
  • Z-Axis Input
  • ALT Triggering Function
  • Hold Off Function
  • CH1 Output


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