Fluke Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Kit with SmartTone™ Technology and Filtered Probe – Precise Cable Tracing Up to 10 Miles

Experience the unmatched reliability and precision of the Fluke Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Kit, equipped with SmartTone™ technology, an advanced filtered probe to eliminate interference, and a powerful loudspeaker. Ideal for communication cabling, this kit ensures accurate cable tracing up to 10 miles. Available in two versions: Pro3000F60 for North America and Pro3000F50 for Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

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    Fluke Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Series

    Product Highlights

    Introducing the Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Series, your ultimate solution for toning and tracing inactive wiring with exceptional precision and ease. Here are the key features that make this product stand out:

    • Clear Filtering: Our innovative filter technology blocks interference that can make tracing challenging. Available in our “F” models only, this feature ensures you get a clear signal every time.
    • Precision Identification: With SmartTone™ technology, you have access to five distinct tones, allowing for exact pair identification.
    • Extended Reach: Capable of sending a loud tone up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) on most cables.
    • Enhanced Audibility: Equipped with a loud speaker on the probe, making it easier to hear the tone through drywall, wood, and other enclosures.
    • User-Friendly Clips: The angled bed-of-nails clips offer easy access to individual pairs.
    • Ideal for Telephone Jacks: Features an RJ-11 connector perfect for use on telephone jacks.
    • Easy Transport: The kit includes a nylon pouch that can be attached to your belt for easy transport.


    The Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Series is designed for clear and precise tracing of communication cabling. The innovative filtered probe obstructs signal interference present in the environment (caused by power cables and lighting) when listening for tone. The probe’s powerful speaker makes tracing cables through drywall, wood, or other enclosures quick and simple.

    Thanks to the Pro3000™ toner’s patented SmartTone™ technology, technicians can identify individual pairs using five different tones. This precise technology allows the tone generator to send tone up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) on most cables! The angled-bed-of-nails clips enable easy access to individual wires, and the RJ-11 connector is ideal for telephone jack use. Attach the included nylon pouch to your belt, and you’re ready for any wire identification task.

    Fluke Pro3000 Capability

    Utilise the SmartTone capability of the Pro3000 Analog Tone Generator to pinpoint the correct pair of wires. By touching the wires together and momentarily shorting the far end of a cable pair, the SmartTone technology will change the tone’s cadence. This tone change, heard clearly through the probe, positively verifies the correct wire pair. SmartTone offers five distinct tones for precise pair identification.

    Tone Generator Features:

    • SmartTone Technology: Five distinct tones for exact pair identification.
    • Extended Signal Range: Sends a tone signal up to 10 miles on most cables.
    • Durable Line Cord: Features angled bed-of-nails clips and a ruggedized RJ-11 plug for direct access to phone and data jacks without adapters.
    • Convenient Switching: External switch allows the selection of solid or alternating tone options, indicated by solid or flashing LEDs.
    • Continuity Testing: Verify line continuity and confirm line polarity.

    Pro3000 Design

    The Pro3000’s ergonomic, sleek design ensures it is easy to handle and use. The large speaker on the probe makes the tone easier to hear through walls, enclosures, wood, or plaster. A recessed on/off button helps prevent accidental activation when placed in the pouch. Additionally, it accommodates a headset (sold separately) for use in noisy environments.

    Probe Features:

    • Loud Speaker: Amplifies tone through walls, enclosures, wood, or plaster.
    • Adjustable Volume Control: Easy-to-use control dial for volume adjustment.
    • Quick-twist Tip: Facilitates easy replacement of the probe tip.
    • Spare Tip Included: Free spare tip provided inside the Pro3000 Tone and Probe Kit.

    Pro3000F Filtered Probe

    Signal interference from environmental sources can complicate the cable tracing process. The Pro3000F Filtered Probe “Stops the Buzz” by obstructing these extraneous signals, allowing you to hear the tone you are tracing, loud and clear. The Pro3000F is available in two versions:

    • Pro3000F60: Filters out 60 Hz interference, standard frequency in North America.
    • Pro3000F50: Filters out 50 Hz interference, common in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

    Experience the unmatched reliability and precision of the Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Series for all your communication cabling needs.

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