Fluke MicroMapper™ Wiremap Tester – Comprehensive Ethernet Cable Verification & Troubleshooting Tool

The Fluke MicroMapper™ Wiremap Tester ensures reliable Ethernet twisted pair cabling verification with comprehensive fault identification, easy-to-read LEDs, a built-in tone generator, and remote unit for efficient one-person testing.

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    Fluke MicroMapper™ Wiremap Tester

    Product Highlights

    Simple verification tester verifies wiremap and identifies faults with LEDs.

    • Testing of twisted pair cables for open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs, and split pairs
    • Network cable mapper with easy-to-read fault display
    • Tone generator for tracing installed cables hidden in walls, floors, and ceilings
    • Remote unit enables one-person testing of installed cables


    Whether you’re an electrical contractor, a home networking professional, a datacom specialist, or an IT/network manager, the Fluke Networks family of powerful Voice/Data/Video (VDV) verification and troubleshooting tools will allow you to verify your work while delivering a quality installation. The MicroMapper™ is a small handheld cable tester and network cable mapper which enables network professionals to quickly and easily verify the integrity of Ethernet twisted pair cabling.

    Detailed Description

    Comprehensive Cable Testing

    The Fluke MicroMapper™ Wiremap Tester offers comprehensive testing solutions for all your cabling needs. It provides detailed testing of twisted pair cables for various faults, including open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs, and split pairs. The easy-to-read LEDs clearly indicate the status of each wire, making it simple to identify and correct cabling issues.

    Easy-to-Use Network Cable Mapper

    With the MicroMapper™, you no longer have to worry about complicated cable mapping processes. The straightforward fault display presents the condition of your network cables swiftly and accurately, aiding you in diagnosing and fixing faults without delay. Whether it’s a minor reversal or a more complex split pair, you can trust the MicroMapper™ to provide precise results.

    Tone Generator for Cable Tracing

    Equipped with a built-in tone generator, the MicroMapper™ simplifies the task of tracing installed cables hidden in walls, floors, and ceilings. This feature is particularly useful for locating specific cables in complex or sprawling network setups. The generated tone can easily be picked up with compatible tone probes, saving you precious time during installations and troubleshooting sessions.

    Efficient One-Person Testing

    One of the standout features of the Fluke MicroMapper™ is its remote unit, which facilitates one-person testing of installed cables. This greatly enhances efficiency, especially in larger networking environments where deploying multiple technicians can be cumbersome and costly. Now, a single professional can undertake verification tasks that would otherwise require a team effort.

    Durability and Portability

    Built to endure the rigours of professional use, the MicroMapper™ boasts a robust design that withstands everyday wear and tear. Its compact size ensures it fits comfortably in your toolkit, ready to be deployed whenever the need arises. Whether you’re on-site at a large industrial complex or working on a small residential network, the MicroMapper™ is your reliable companion.

    Ideal for Multiple Uses

    The Fluke MicroMapper™ Wiremap Tester is ideal for a wide range of applications. Electrical contractors will appreciate its ability to swiftly verify wiring configurations, while home networking professionals can ensure top-notch installations. Datacom specialists and IT/network managers will find its troubleshooting capabilities indispensable in maintaining network integrity and performance.

    Why Choose Fluke MicroMapper™?

    Choosing the Fluke MicroMapper™ means investing in quality, reliability, and unparalleled efficiency. Fluke Networks is known for delivering top-tier diagnostic and testing solutions, and the MicroMapper™ lives up to this reputation. Its user-friendly interface, combined with comprehensive testing features, makes it a must-have tool for any networking professional.


    • Dimensions: Compact and lightweight for easy handling and transportation.
    • LED Indicators: Clearly display wire status and faults.
    • Tone Generator: Built-in for efficient cable tracing.
    • Remote Unit: Allows single-person testing.

    Order yours now and take the first step towards impeccable cable verification.

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