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Widest Range Of Clampmeters In Australia Including Brisbane, Melbourne Perth and Sydney

Rapid-Tech Equipment has been serving customers across Australia for over 20 years, specialising in test and measurement equipment from the industry’s most respected suppliers. When you talk to Rapid-Tech, you know you are talking to someone who understands… …read more.

Largest Supplier Of Digital Multimeters In Australia and Supplying Brisbane, Melbourne Perth and Sydney

Rapid-Tech Equipment is the largest Australian owned and operated test equipment wholesaler in Australia. With over 20 years in operation, Rapid-Tech is run by seasoned professionals who can advise you on the tools you need. We have large stock holdings around …read more.

Largest Supplier of Flir Meters in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in Australia

Rapid-Tech Equipment holds one of the largest ranges of Flir meters in Australia. With over 20 years of industry experience and a senior staff combining for over 70 years of experience, Rapid-Tech is the largest and most knowledgeable Australian owned test equipment …read more.

Complete Product Line From Flir in Australia with Offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Rapid-Tech Equipment specialises in test and measurement equipment from respected brands from around the world. Based out of Victoria, Rapid-Tech has been supplying high quality instruments from Flir to Australia since 1996. At Rapid-Tech, we have over 70 years …read more.

Master Distributor Of Flir Multimeters In Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Supplying Australia

For over 20 years, Rapid-Tech Equipment in Australia has provided the highest quality and most cost effective Flir multimeters to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Rapid-Tech is your comprehensive source for the finest, most affordable test and measurement  …read more.

Wholesaler of Flir Test Equipment in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in Australia

Rapid-Tech Equipment is the largest supplier of Flir test equipment in Australia. We have the widest variety of test and measuring equipment at substantial cost savings for our customers. If you need Flir test equipment in Australia Rapid-Tech …read more.

Australia’s Largest Supplier Of Multimeters In Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Rapid-Tech Equipment is one of the biggest suppliers of multimeters in Australia, featuring the entire product range of Flir, Flir Calibration, Hart Scientific, EuroSMC, Amprobe and Reed, as well as many other manufacturers’ products at very competitive prices …read more.

World’s Best Thermal Imagers In Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney In Australia

Rapid-Tech Equipment brings the world’s best thermal imagers to Australia. We carry the most reliable and accurate industrial and commercial imagers on the market,  …read more.

Be Accurate in Your Measurements with a Great Anemometer from Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd Available Nationwide Australia Including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

There are many major industries in which the anemometer plays a critical role. Equipping yourself with the ability to measure weather conditions such as wind speed, air flow, and air temperature in an instant is helpful not only for those in fields such as aviation but also in …read more.

For Accurate Measurements, Buy a Clamp Meter Through Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd Shipping to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Beyond

When dealing with a force as powerful and delicate as electricity, having the right tools for the job can make the difference between a job done the right, safe way and a dangerous experience. Electricians often need to measure voltage and current of electrical systems at numerous …read more.

Need a Digital Multimeter You Can Always Trust? Australia and Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney Can Buy Them Through Rapid-Tech Pty Ltd

Diagnosing issues within complex electrical systems is hardly a walk in the park. As an electrician, you are likely to word hard day in and day out tweaking systems, making repairs, and ensuring that your customers have access to safe, uninterrupted power. Whether working in the …read more.

For Purchasing a Fluke Multimeter in Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and More, You Can Trust Rapid-Tech Pty Ltd Every Time

Electricity is all around us every day, powering the world we live in like never before. As electrical systems grow in complexity and new systems are designed, being able to implement solutions, troubleshoot problems, and repair defects is of utmost importance. Electricians, whether working in …read more.

Rapid-Tech Equipment Serves as the Premier Insulation Tester Provider in Australia as well as the Major Cities Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Precision defines the commercial environment. Companies adhere to strict operational standards, ensuring the quality (and efficiency) of every service. Through a network of databases, server inputs, and dashboard memos, they propel themselves toward success – constantly …read more.

Rapid-Tech Equipment Promotes Safety in the Workplace by Offering Light Meters Australia wide to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

In 2006, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) organisation launched a series of lighting codes, each meant to promote optimised performance and employee protection. These codes – registered as AS1680.1-2006 and AS/NZS 1680.2 …read more.

To Ensure Precise Readings, Rapid-Tech Equipment Delivers Multimeters to Australia. Contact Us Today to Learn More at Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Before 1977, technicians relied on needle-based multimeters in Brisbane, Melbourne, and beyond – trying to gauge resistance and currents through a series of imprecise readings. Inaccuracy shaped the market, and detecting arcs proved difficult. …read more.

To Accommodate all Consumer Needs, Rapid-Tech Equipment Delivers Both Analog and Digital Online Oscilloscopes in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Beyond

It’s a digital world – and analogue devices (including oscilloscopes) have all but disappeared from the industrial market. Progress has connected technicians to precise measurements and expedited readings …read more.

Find a Quality Power Analyser at Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, Australia’s Trusted Source Serving Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

A number of industries require testing equipment such as a power analyser as part of their everyday operations. At Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, we provide a wide range of quality testing instruments at competitive prices to utilities, mining companies, and many more. A simple …read more.

Need Help Locating a Power Logger? Find It at Rapid-Tech Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

For all of your testing and measurement equipment, trust the knowledge of the staff at Rapid-Tech Pty Ltd to provide you with advice on the right instrument for your application. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, our staff can help your business maximise its return …read more.

The Best Thermal Imager for Your Application Is at Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd with Offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

The thermal imager has transformed a number of industries as a non-contact temperature measurement device. It can detect the infrared energy that is emitted, transmitted, or reflected by any material at all temperatures above absolute zero. The device converts the …read more.

Equip Your Android Phone in Melbourne With the Power of the Flir One, a Leading Thermal Imager

Everyone working in testing and measurement has a similar experience: the troubleshooting job that never seems to end. No matter what you try, you cannot seem even to isolate the issue. Being stuck at square one is the definition of …read more.

Track Down Difficult Defects in Brisbane Buildings with the Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera

Constructing a building is hard work, and to complete a project successfully, many moving parts must come together to work in harmony. Often, that is exactly what happens. Other times, though, poor workmanship or the passage of time can wear away …read more.

Purchase a DC Clamp Meter Ideal for Many Applications in Brisbane with the Fluke Multifunction Tester

The electrical systems found everywhere from homes to industrial sites today are complex beasts. A single building could contain an incredible amount of wiring; a factory or heavy-duty electrical setup are several orders of magnitude more …read more.

Turn Your Android Device into a Thermal Imager, with a FLIR ONE Android from Australia’s Rapid-Tech Equipment

Have you been looking for a more compact thermal imager than most of the devices on the market in Australia? Do you need something that you can pull out of your pocket and use at a moment’s notice—whether during work or play? Have you ever thought …read more.

Looking for a Mobile Phone Thermal Imager in Brisbane? Try the FLIR ONE Android

With how much smartphone technology has advanced in the past ten years, it seems inevitable that a thermal imaging camera will eventually come standard on all smartphones—or at least on the higher-end models. For now, if you want to turn your …read more.

Searching for a Thermal Imager? Buy a Flir One Android in Perth

There’s a limit to what you can see when you look with your own two eyes, even if they’re exceptionally sharp. Human beings are only able to see a small spectrum of light, meaning that plenty of energy escapes our notice. While you don’t necessarily …read more.

How You Can Use a FLIR One Android Thermal Imager in Sydney to Check for Roof Damages

If you’re looking to buy a new property or sell the one in which you currently live, you might want to check the roof for any damages before anything else. If you’re a property hunter, you should probably avoid making an offer on a home with a …read more.

From the FLIR ONE to Other Thermal Cameras, Australia’s Rapid-tech Equipment Can Help You Choose the Right Thermal Imaging Device

If you are hunting for a new thermal camera in Australia, the Rapid-tech Equipment is the right place to shop. We stock dozens of different thermal cameras, including products from leading industry brands such as FLIR, Fluke and Reed. Whether you need …read more.

Does Your Business Need Thermal Imaging? Acquire a Flir One Thermal Camera in Melbourne

The thermal imaging camera might seem like a piece of tactical equipment without too much use beyond firefighting, but you would be surprised by the number of applications this technology has in the world of commercial business. While it is …read more.

How You Can Use the FLIR One Thermal Camera for Imaging in Perth

There was once a time when infrared cameras and thermal imaging was only available to armies and air forces. Thermal imaging made finding targets in the dead of night possible for the first time because it uses infrared radiation from a heat source …read more.

Why the FLIR One Thermal Imaging Camera in Sydney Makes the Perfect Sidekick

If you’re an electrician, plumber, roof inspector, researcher, or a member of the armed forces, you probably use multiple tools and equipment regularly to do your work. It’s vital to have the right equipment to do your job safely, meaning you need …read more.

Digital Multifunction Tester or DC Clamp Meter? Which Type of Fluke Meter Should You Buy (And Where Can You Find It in Australia?)

You’re shopping for a tool to measure electricity and aren’t sure where to start. You end up on the Rapid-Tech Equipment website and start browsing our selection of Fluke measurement tools. You see that we have both digital multifunction testers and …read more.

Find a Fluke Multifunction Tester or DC Clamp Meter in Melbourne

Testing electrical voltage isn’t always as intense as it might sound. In fact, testing high voltage electrical equipment is only one aspect of voltage testing. Plenty of devices use low voltage, especially in commercial, domestic, and …read more.

Buying a DC Clamp Meter or a Fluke Multifunction Tester in Perth: Your Guide

Testing electricity is an essential part of almost any business that uses electrical equipment—which is practically every business in Perth. Whether you’re talking about complicated electrical systems or something as simple as the heating and lighting …read more.

Where to Buy a Fluke Multifunction Tester and DC Clamp Meter in Sydney

As an electrician who regularly inspects and tests electrical circuits and appliances in domestic and commercial properties in Sydney, you need to have the very best equipment to keep yourself and others safe as you work and carry out …read more.