Advanced AEM NSA Multifunction Network Qualification Tester with Certi-Lite Technology & Enhanced Connectivity

AEM Precision Cable Test

Discover the power of efficient network testing with our Network Service Assistant (NSA) Multifunction Network Qualification Tester. This award-winning hybrid device features Certi-Lite technology that offers in-depth parameters used in bi-directional certification at a surprisingly affordable price. Ideal for System Integrators, Cable Contractors, and IT departments, the NSA tester supports Optical Loss, OTDR and PoE testing, all while validating cabling link speeds for 1/2.5/5/ 10GBASE-T. With included TestDataPro software and advanced Wireless Network Connectivity Testing and ALI capabilities, it’s your all-in-one solution for comprehensive network testing. Experience the difference today with the NSA Multifunction Qualification Tester.

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