Yokogawa CA150 Handy Multifunction Calibrator


The Yokogawa CA150 Multi-functional and high-precision calibrator that can be used to calibrate and test industrial process devices and various electronics equipment.


  • Vertical hand-held calibrator
    Easy-to-hold vertical type is designed to make it intuitively easy to operate, as individual functions are accessed directly by pressing assigned keys. Using the main unit body case, you can hang the CA150 to your body or a handrail to keep
    it handy.
  • Simultaneous signal source and measurement operations at the
    same time

    In conventional calibration applications, multiple devices such as a standard generator, adjustable resistor and multimeter were required. Now with a single CA150 unit, it is possible to perform operation checks at regular inspection and maintenance of thermocouples, RTD’s and instruments, as well as maintenance and equipment diagnosis of process devices such as transmitters, thermostats and signal converters.
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The Yokogawa CA150 Calibrator is a comprehensive source and measure instrument for your calibration and equipment checking needs at maintenance sites. The CA150 can simultaneously source and measure voltage, current, resistance, TC (Thermocouple), RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) and pulse signals, all in a single unit. In addition, direct keys for function selection make operation smoother and prevent incorrect measurement by erroneous operations

The CA150 Handy Cal’s memory is capable of storing up to one hundred (100) data items, storage date/time, (source/measurement) functions, ranges and generated values/measured values can be stored. It can also save/load setting conditions. Up to 21 data items can be stored. Settings for (source/measurement) functions, ranges, generated values/measured values as well as setting mode conditions. Stored data can be checked on the display of the main unit as well as via communication.

Yokogawa CA150 Applications:

  • Check flowmeter pulse output and field data
  • Calibration, function check Programmable Controllers
  • Operation check for Yokogawa Pressure Transmitters (4-20 mA)
  • Operation check of Temperature Transmitters
Model: Yokogawa CA150 Calibrator
Source Unit
Voltage limiter: Approx. 32 V
Current limiter: Approx. 25 mA
Measurement Unit
Voltage terminal: 42 VDC
Current terminal: 120 mA
Loop Power : Single 24 VDC power supply, Fuse: 125 mA/250 V
General Specifications
Battery: 6 AA size alkaline batteries – dedicated NiMH battery (sold separately)
Battery life: Source/measurement
Output of 5 V DC/10 k or more Size AA alkaline batteries
When 6 batteries are used: Approx. 8 hours
When NiMH battery is used: Approx. 10 hours
AC adapter : 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 A
Auto power-off: Approx. 10 minutes;
Insulation resistance: Between input terminal and output terminal: 500 VDC, 50 M or more
Withstand voltage: Between measurement terminal and generation terminal: 350 VAC, 1 minute
Dimensions: Approx. 251 x 124 x 70 mm
Weight: Approx. 1000 g (with Batteries)
Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C, 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Storage temperature: –20 to 60°C 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Communication: Serial interface: RS232 D-Sub 9-pin connector
Safety: EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030, UL61010-1
CAN/CSA, C22.2 No.61010-1
EMC: EN 61326-1 Class B;EN 55011 Class B Group1
EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3
Model: Yokogawa CA150 Calibrator
DCV Range Source Range Accuracy Resolution
100 mV 0 to ±110.000 mV ±(0.02% +10 μV) 1 μV
1 V 0 to ±1.10000 V ±(0.02% +0.05 mV) 10 μV
10 V 0 to ±11.0000 V ±(0.02% +0.5 mV) 0.1 mV
30 V 0 to ±30.00 ±(0.02% +10 mV) 10 mV
DCmA Range Source Range Accuracy Resolution
20 mA 0 to +22.000 mA ±(0.025% +3 μA) 1 μA
mA SINK Source Range Accuracy Resolution
20 mA SINK 0 to -22.000 mA ±(0.025% +6 μA) 1 μA
Resistance Range Source Range Accuracy Resolution
500 Ω 0 to 550.00 Ω ±(0.02% +0.1 Ω) 0.01 Ω
5 kΩ 0 to 5.5000 kΩ ±(0.05% +1.5 Ω) 0.1 Ω
50 kΩ 0 to 55.000 kΩ ±(0.1% +50 Ω) 1 Ω
RTD Output Source Range Accuracy Resolution
PT 100 -200.0 to 850.0°C ±(0.025% +0.3°C) 0.1°C
JPT 100 -200.0 to 500.0°C ±(0.025% +0.3°C) 0.1°C
TC Output Source Range Accuracy Resolution
K 200.0 to 1372.0°C ±(0.02% +0.5°C) 0.1°C
-200.0 to -100.0°C ±(0.02% +0.8°C)
E -200.0 to 1000.0°C ±(0.02% +0.4°C) 0.1°C
-200.0 to -100.0°C ±(0.02% +0.6°C)
J -200.0 to 1200.0°C ±(0.02% +0.4°C) 0.1°C
-200.0 to -100.0°C ±(0.02% +0.7°C)
T -200.0 to 400.0°C ±(0.02% +0.5°C) 0.1°C
-200.0 to -100.0°C ±(0.02% +0.8°C)
N -200.0 to 1300.0°C ±(0.02% +0.5°C) 0.1°C
-200.0 to 0°C ±(0.02% +1.0°C)
L -200.0 to 900.0°C ±(0.02% +0.5°C) 0.1°C
U -200.0 to 400.0°C ±(0.02% +0.5°C) 0.1°C
-200.0 to 0°C ±(0.02% +0.7°C)
R 0 to 1768°C ± (0.02% +1.2°C) 0.1°C
0 to 100°C ± (0.02% +2°C)
S 0 to 1768°C (0.02% +1.2°C) 0.1°C
0 to 100°C ± (0.02% +2°C)
B 600 to 1820°C ± (0.02% +1°C) 0.1°C
600 to 1000°C ± (0.02% +1.5°C)
Hz/Pulse Source Range Accuracy Resolution
CPM 1.0 to 1100.0 CPM ±0.5 CPM 0.1 CPM
100 Hz 1.00 to 110.00 Hz ±0.05 Hz 0.01 Hz
1000 Hz 90.0 to 1100.0 Hz ±0.5 Hz 0.1 Hz
10 kHz 0.9 kHz to 11.0 kHz ±0.1 kHz 0.1 kHz
50 kHz 9 kHz to 50 kHz ±1 kHz 1 kHz



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