Wavecom TnP-500 PAT Tester with Tag Printer & Scanner




The Wavecom TnP-500 Test and Print Unit is an all in one solution for high volume testing and tagging in accordance with AS/NZS3760 standards. The Wavecom TnP-500 Test and Print Unit allows the user to perform all testing on site, and print out professional test labels at the same time. The unit is fully integrated in a hard field carry case, with all accessories, necessary to fully complete the testing process, including a barcode scanner, thermal transfer printer, keyboard and WinPATS memory software.

Wavecom TnP-500 Features:

  • Fully integrated Test n Print Unit
  • Unit for high volume testing
  • c/w 5000 items storage or optional 20,000 item memory
  • c/w high performance scanner
  • Real time clock for dates/ time stamp
  • Meter mode function
  • 10 amp operation
  • Simplified one button testing
  • Large fonts during tests showing results and progress
  • WinPATS premium software
  • FastLoader software to download logos onto barcode printer
  • Hard Transit Carry Case (Large) manufactured from ultra high impact structural polymer
  • Tags (500 standard white)
  • Roll of ribbon
  • Optional UV rated/industrial labels & ribbons
  • 12 months warranty
  • Fully Australian manufactured
  • Fully Australian designed
  • Optional artwork design available

PDF    TnP-500 Brochure

PDF    TnP-500 User Manual

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The Wavecom TnP-500 was specially designed to streamline the entire test and tag process, making it particularly ideal for people needing to test a large number of appliances. This might include those operating a test and tag business or companies that need to test large facilities or multiple sites.

The Wavecom TnP-500 comes completely integrated in a robust carry case, with all accessories you’ll need to complete the test and tag process, including a thermal printer, barcode scanner, WinPAT’s software and keyboard.

The Wavecom TnP-500 allows you to print professional tag labels on the spot and then effortlessly re-test items using the barcode scanner. Using WinPAT’s Premium software to manage your database of records, you won’t need to record any of your results manually, as your appliance tester will seamlessly connect to your computer. This means you can record all your appliances by using the mobile memory unit, while there’s also no need to have a PC with you on site when testing.

The Wavecom TnP-500 Appliance Tester will conduct all tests required by AS/NZS 3760 (including RCD testing), with results and progress shown on a large display and one button testing. It can also store up to 5000 items and contains a library of thousands of locations, descriptions, makes, models and user comments. This can then be used to create and print professional reports on your PC.

Testing of Electrical Equipment

Many testing personnel have some reservations in testing sensitive, electronic equipment using a 500V DC insulation test. There is a perceived fear of causing internal damage from over voltage. With the introduction on the TnP Range of appliance testers, these concerns are alleviated.

The TnP Range of electrical portable appliance testers is safe to test electronic equipment as the tests are carried from Active-Neutral (shorted by a relay inside the tester) to Earth. No dangerous voltages pass through in this mode to the internal components of the DUT (Device Under Test). If these tests are done using an Insulation Tester only and the user tests Active to Neutral, this would be a cause of potential damage, this is why the TnP product range is far safer to use.

Some changes may be required in certain configurations where fitted surge protection devices (MOV’s) in the DUT may cause a failed test result. Applying 500V in this these situations can cause the surge protection devices to trip, therefore conducting the applied voltage to earth, thus showing a failure of insulation. In these instances the test voltage should be changed to 250V then retest. If DUT still fails, check with the DUT Operators Manual or an electrician. [for details see – ‘Double Insulation Test’ 250/500VDC to change test voltage in User Manual].

Under these circumstances, it would be difficult for any damage to occur to either the surge protection device or the DUT, as there is insufficient current generated by the TnP test unit.

The Wavecom TnP-500 includes:

Generation 4 Wavecom TnP Appliance Tester (with Memory)
WinPATs Premium Software
Barcode Scanner
Thermal Printer
2 rolls of 500 printable tags
2 rolls of thermal ribbon
QWERTY Keyboard
Heavy Duty Carry Case
Earth Bond Lead
240V Extension Lead Adaptor
Calibration Certificate
User Manual



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