TENMARS TM-901N LAN Cable Tester


TENMARS TM-901N  LAN Cable Tester Features/Benefits

  • LCD display with automatic backlight.
  • Detect opens, shorts, miswires and split pairs on twisted pair cabling.
  • Displays graph wiremap, opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs and remote ID numbers all on one screen.
  • Identify remote ID number on one pair only.
  • Measures distance.
  • Using multiple remote ID numbers up to 8 locations.
  • Auto shutoff.
  • Low battery detector.

Included accessories:

  • User’s manual
  • 9 volt battery
  • one 20cm CAT5 FTP cable
  • remote ID and one locator.

Authorised Australian Distributor


PDFCable Tester User Manual

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1 Introduction

The TM-902/TM-903 Multimedia Cable Tester (TM-901N LAN Cable Tester)is a hand-held test instrument that lets you verify and troubleshoot the Lan cable of twisted pair.

2 Safety Precaution

CAUTION Be extremely careful for the following conditions while measuring z Do not operate the meter under the environment with explosive gas (material), combustible gas (material) steam or filled with dust. z In order to avoid reading incorrect data, please replace the battery immediately when the symbol “ ” appears on the LCD. z In order to avoid the damage caused by contamination or static electricity, do not touch the circuit board before you take any adequate action. z Operating Environment: Indoors use. This instrument has been designed for being TM-901N/TM-902/TM-903 2 used in an environment of pollution degree 2.

3 The verifier does the following:

z Detects opens, shorts, miswires and split pairs on twisted pair cabling. z Displays graph wiremap , opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs, and the remote ID number all on one screen. z Identify remote ID number only one pair. z Measures length. z Using multiple remote ID up to 8 locators. z Low battery detector “ ”. z Auto backlight. z Auto power off.


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