Tenmars ST-140 Vibration Meter


  • Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement measurement.
  • High sensitivity probe head for accurate measurement.
  • Provides long and short probe head.
  • Frequency meet ISO 2954-2012 Measurement
  • LO range: 10Hz-1KHz
  • Hi range:10Hz-5KHz.
  • Stores 99records manually.
  • Auto power off with disable function.


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Tenmars ST-140 Vibration Meter Features:

  • Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 5KHz
  • Acceleration, velocity and displacement measurement
  • Meets ISO2954 sensor for accurate measurement
  • Vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on1.2M (47.2) cable
  • Frequency Lo range :10Hz~1KHz meets ISO 2954 measurement, Hi range : 10Hz~5KHz
  • Stores 99 records manually
  • Record /Recall MIN (ST-141),MAX readings
  • Offset adjustment used for zero function
  • Auto power off with disable function
  • Resolution: 0.1m/s², 0.01g, 1ft/s², 0.1mm/s, 0.01cm/s,
  • 0.01inch/s,0.001mm,0.001inch

Tenmars ST-140 Vibration Meter Specifications:

Acceleration 10Hz~1KHz (LO);10KHz~5KHz (HI)
Velocity 10Hz~1KHz
Displacement 10Hz~1KHz
Acceleration 0.5~199.9m/s2
Velocity 0.5~199.9mm/s
Displacement 0.005~1.999mm
Function Acceleration/Velocity RMS, Peak, Max Hold, Hold
Displacement Peak-Peak, Max Hold, Hold
Accuracy ± (5% reading ±5 digits),ref. 79.4/158Hz,
Dimension 156x73x35 (LxWxH)
Power supply 1.5V AAA alkaline battery x 6
AC adapter AC 100~240V to DC9V/0.5A


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