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The Socket & See CB400 checks all leading makes of Loop, Insulation/Continuity & RCD Testers for Compliance.

The Socket & See CB400 truly is the ultimate  checkbox! Forget cheap calibration cards and basic inferior checkboxes – they only perform simple low-level checks. The CB400 checks your tester to current wiring regulations. By using the CB400 you can be assured that your test equipment is operating correctly ensuring that your certification is always accurate!

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Socket & See CB400 Product Description:

The SOCKET & SEE CB200 provides a quick and simple method of checking the accuracy of electrical installation test instruments.

The Socket & See CB400 does not replace some calibration requirements but provides a ready check on instrument accuracy helping to minimise incorrect certification and costly revisits to confirm installation compliance. The Socket & See CB400 provides accuracy checks for test instruments used to measure:

  • Continuity
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Earth Fault Loop Impedance
  • Operation of Residual Current Devices.
Socket & See CB400 Features:
  • Non-trip RCD testing method
  • Continually validate your instruments through regular self-calibration checks
  • Reduces expensive calibration costs
  • Null facility to remove lead resistance
  • Six Insulation check levels
  • Five Continuity check levels
  • Three Loop check levels
  • Five checks covering 30mA and 100mA RCD’s
  • Checks RCD over current test
  • Tough drop-proof watertight case
Socket & See CB400 Specification:
Function Check Values Accuracy Rating
Insulation Test 0.25MΩ 1% Up to 1000V
0.5MΩ 1% Up to 1000V
1.0MΩ 1% Up to 1000V
2.0MΩ 1% Up to 1000V
10MΩ 1% Up to 1000V
200MΩ 2% Up to 1000V
Output Voltage 250V @ 0.25MΩ
3 bands 500V @ 0.5MΩ
1000V @ 1.0MΩ
Continuity Test Null 1% ±20mΩ Current rating: 1A
0.5Ω 1% ±20mΩ Current rating: 1A
1.0Ω 1% ±20mΩ Current rating: 1A
2.0Ω 1% ±20mΩ Current rating: 1A
100Ω 1% Current rating: 250mA
2000Ω 1% Current rating: 25mA
Loop Test (non-trip) Local Current rating: 25A (pulsed) 10ms pulses
Additional 1Ω 1% ±20mΩ
Additional 100Ω 1%
RCD Test 30mA (x 1) 5% 30mA AC type
30mA (x 5) 5% 30mA AC type
30mA (x 1/2) 5% 30mA AC type
100mA (x 1) 5% 100mA AC type
100mA (x 1/2) 5% 100mA AC and ACS type
Current break time 38ms ± 1ms
LED for Current accuracy > 200mA @ 2 ohm 1%
Case size: 328 x 230 x 125 mm
Safety: Complies with IEC EN 61010
Weight without leads: 2.42kg


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