SEW ALS-3 AC Line Separator

The SEW ALS-3 provides easy and safe measurements of current without the need to cut off the plug and separate the conductors

  • Designed for Australian Plug & Sockets
  • Plugging the power connector into the Line Splitter separates the hot/live conductor from the neutral (and ground)
  • Also features voltage check function

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Product Description

The SEW ALS-3 AC line separator is designed for the Australian market with the Australian type socket and plug.

It can be used with any clamp meters. With the aid of the AC line separator, the AC current from any appliance can be determined by plugging the appliance directly into the separator. By doing so, you are able to separate the neutral from hot live conductor.

The advantage of using this separator allows the appliance to remain plugged in, thus providing a constant current and separation of the conductors.

Use the ×1 cutout to read the current consumed directly.

Use the ×10 cutout to read the current multiplied a by factor of 10.

The separator also includes a voltage check function. The opening specification is 0.95″×0.95″.


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