R&S HMF2525 Arbitrary Function Generator, 1 Channel, 25 MHz

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The R&S HMF2525 from Rohde & Schwarz is a 25 MHz precision Arbitrary Signal Generator for research and development laboratories, industry, universities, test and production facilities. The R&S HMF2525  function/arbitrary waveform generator combines the ability to produce nearly any conceivable arbitrary waveform with accuracy and precision. Arbitrary waveforms have 14-bit amplitude resolution, 250 MSa/s sample rate and up to 256 kPts length. Extensive features such as internal or external FM, PM, PWM, FSK modulation make this generator suitable for a wide range of applications including electronic design, sensor simulation and functional test.

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pdf_sml    HMF2525 Datasheet

pdf_sml    HMF25xx User Manual

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The R&S HMF2525 provides users with powerful arbitrary signal functionality. Users can choose among numerous pre-defined signal shapes like sin(x)/x, white or pink noise or they can take advantage of customer specific, arbitrary curve shapes with a bandwidth of up to 25MHz and a signal length of up to 256kPts.

Arbitrary waveforms can be developed with the R&S HMF2525 with it’s included PC Software and transfered to the instrument either over the HO720 interface, or, in CSV format, via the front side USB connector. The stored waveforms can be loaded via front USB port from an USB memory stick or can imported via the complimentary HMExplorer software (available for download). The operation modes burst, wobble, gating, internal and external triggering and the modulation functions AM, FM, PM, PWM and FSK ( in each case int. and ext.) can be applied on all respective signal shapes ( e.g. pulse width modulation is only applicable to pulse signals)

R&S HMF2525 Features:

Number of analog channels : 1 Channel
Communication interface (Type) : USB
Sampling rate (S/s) : 250 Msps
Frequency Range (Hz) : 25 MHz (Sine)
Max output voltage (V) : 10Vpp
Memory (Pts) : 256 kPts
Wobulation (Y/N) : Yes
Waveforms (Type) : Sine
Exponential rise
Exponential fall
Modulation (Type) : AM
Overload Protection : Short-circuit-proof, max. ±15V of external voltage
Display/resolution : QVGA 3.5″ color TFT LCD
Additional Characteristics : 1 USB port in front panel
RS-232/USB dual interface in standard, or USB/LAN or GPIB in option
Package includes : Power cable, PC software, user manual
Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) : 75x285x365 mm
Net Weight : 3.4 kg
Standard Manufacturer Warranty : 3 YEARS