REED MT-090 Refractometer, 58-90% BRIX

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قراءة التقرير الكامل حلقة الوصل The Reed MT-090 Features:

  • Brix% is calibrated to the number of grams of cane sugar contained in 100g of cane sugar solution
  • When measuring a sugar solution, the Brix% should perfectly match the actual concentration
  • With solutions of other components, a conversion chart is required
  • Features automatic temperature compensation

تدريب الاسهم السعودية BRIX measurement is a well known application in the food and beverage industry. Strictly speaking the BRIX measurement is the determination of pure sucrose content in water (1 degree Brix = 1g of sucrose in 100g of solution), but the BRIX measurement is used in many other applications (soft drinks, fruit juices, tomato concentrates, etc..) which are very often far away from pure sucrose/water solutions. This has been leading to some confusions, especially when comparing results obtained with different measuring techniques (hydrometer, pycnometer, refractometer, digital density meter).

هل يمكن أن ننظر هنا انتقل إلى هذه الصفحة Different sample types

اذهب الآن When measuring samples other than pure sucrose content in water different results will be obtained when using different techniques (hydrometer, pycnometer, refractometer, digital density meter). قراءة إضافية Brix measurement BRIX measurement can be done by refractive index as well as by density. When measuring pure sucrose content in water, both techniques will give the same result. Density and refractive index are strongly temperature dependent, but as this dependency is controlled in the corresponding instrument. Two types of instruments can be used, portable or benchtop instruments. The benchtop instruments offer built-in temperature control (Peltier) and higher accuracy than portable instruments. Brix is a scale based on the amount that light bends when it passes through a liquid. If one were to place one’s hand in a pond and measure the amount it appeared to bend, and then place it in the ocean, it would appear to bend a different amount. That differential light bending is the best tool currently available to consumers to determine the value of crops that are purchased or produced. The Bric Chart is the scale that anyone can use to determine poor, average, good or excellent in a foodstuff.


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