Reed GU-3001 Electromagnetic Field Meter

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The GS-5800 is a Reed high precision magnetometer with N-S pole indicators used to detect DC and AC magnetic fields. The Milli-Gauss Meter comes with zero adjustment button for relative measurements, data hold, record max. and min. reading and measures the absolute environment of the Earth’s magnetic field as reference. The EMF magnetic meter operates with a ±(2% + 2mG) accuracy and provides a very good 1 second (approx.) response time. It measures in milliGauss (mG) or microTesla(µT).

REED GU-3001 Features

  • Detects DC and AC magnetic fields
  • Measures in milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (μT)
  • N pole/S pole indicator
  • High precision magnetometer can even measure the absolute environment of the
    Earth’s magnetic field as reference
  • Zero adjustment button for relative measurements
  • Data hold, record max. and min. reading
  • Easy to read LCD with backlight
  • Auto or manual power off
  • Includes probe and hard carrying case

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1 Year Warranty

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How to use Reed GU-3001 DC/AC magnetic field meter

DC Magnetic Field Measurement
Start using the Reed GU-3001 for DC magnetic field test by selecting the unit (mG or uT). For doing this, you will press the “Unit button”. For Zero Adjust press and hold the Zero Button until the screen displays a zero value and an “O” symbol. Press and hold the Zero Button again and the “O” symbol will disappear and the meter will return to showing the Environment’s magnetic field value.
Whit the instrument ready to measure the environment magnetic value, hold the probe sensor on or close to the testing material. The Display will show the magnetic field value along with the unit (mG, uT).

AC Magnetic Field Measurement
Switch to the AC the Measuring Mode by pressing the AC/DC Button. The meter is now in AC Magnetic Field Mode and the display will show a “AC” symbol.

Data Hold and Data Record (Max., Min. reading)
During the measurement you can activate the Data hold function by pressing the Hold Button. Now the measured value will hold on the screen. Press the REC Button once, and a ”REC. MAX.” symbol along with the maximum value will appear on the display. Press the REC Button again, and a “REC. MIN.” symbol along with the minimum value will appear on the display.

REED GU-3001 Specifications

  • Measuring Range: -3000 to 3000mG, -300 to 300μT
  • Resolution: 0.1mG: -199.9 to 199.9mG; 1mG:
    ≥200 or ≤ -200mG; 0.01μT: -19.9 to 19.9μT 0.1μT: ≥20 or ≤ -20μT
  • Accuracy: ±(2% + 2mG)
  • Frequency Response: AC /DC: 40 Hz to 10 KHz
  • Field Direction: Uniaxial
  • Sampling Time: A pprox. 1 second
  • Data Output: RS 232/USB computer interface
  • Power Supply: UM3/AA (1.5 V) x 6 batteries
  • Dimensions: Meter: 173 x 68 x 42mm;
  • Probe: 177 x 29 x 17mm
  • Weight: Meter: 350g (; Probe: 78g (0.17lb)


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