Reed C-383 Combustible Gas Detector

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The REED C-383 Handheld Gas Detector is used to detect petrol, propane, natural gas and fuel oil leaks in industrial or commercial applications. This compact size C-383 combustible gas leak detector that comes with useful features such as both audible and visual indicators (Sound buzzer and tricolor LED bar indicator) or ambient concentration reset function.

REED C-383 Features

  • Heated semiconductor gas sensor
  • High-Low sensitivity selector
  • Detects leaks as small as 5ppm of petrol
  • Ambient concentration reset function
  • Audible and visual leak indications
  • Flexible stainless steel probe
  • Low battery indication
  • Auto Power OFF

PDF Reed C-383 Instruction Manual

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1 Year Warranty

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The REED C-383 Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector is extremely sensitive to a variety of combustible gases such as hydrocarbons and methane. Especially designed to detect even the smallest leaks of gases in domestic and commercial systems the REED C-383 comes with flexible 400mm (15.5”) sensor probe for a maximum flexibility and safety utilization. The Reed handheld gas detector features a sound buzzer to alarm the user when the combustible gas has detected and a visual leak indicator. The meter has two sensitivity level and visual LED indicator to display which level was selected by the user.

How to use Handheld Gas Detector (C-383)

Sensitivity Adjustment
You will be able to set two levels of sensitivity. By default Reed C-383 is set to high sensitivity when the instrument is switched ON. Start changing the sensitivity by pressing the “Lo Sensitivity” button. The two left green LED’s will then flash indicating low sensitivity has been selected. To switch the unit back to high sensitivity, press the “Hi Sensitivity” button. The two right red LED’s will then flash indicating that high sensitivity has been selected.

Ambient Concentration Reset
This Handheld Gas Detector (C-383) comes with an ambient concentration reset function. This feature able you to set the Reed C-383’s sensors to the ambient gas concentrations presented. Start doing this by turning ON the unit’s sensor that will set the level of present combustible gas to zero. Move your instrument to a location that has clean and fresh air, such as outdoors and press the ON/OFF button.

Position the tip of the sensor probe within 1/4 inch (6 mm) of the suspected leak source. Slowly move the sensor probe past each possible leakage point. When the Gas Detector detects a leak source an audible tone will sound and visual indicators will light on the LED leak indicator display, appearing from left to right: green to orange to red (red being the highest concentration, green the lowest). Increasing levels indicates the proximity of the leak location is getting closer. When the unit signals a leakage, pull the probe away from the leak for a moment and then bring it back slowly to pinpoint the location. If the combustible leak is large setting the sensitivity switch to LOW (see sensitivity adjustment) will make it easier to find the exact site of the leak. Return the sensitivity switch to HIGH before searching for any additional leaks. When you’ve finished testing for leaks turn the unit OFF and store it in a cool, dry, clean place to protect the sensor and unit from any possible damage.

REED C-383 Specifications

Sensitivity Variable, as low as 5 ppm (petrol)
Alarm Settings 7 LED tricolour bar indicator; variable intensity audible alarm
Warm-up Time 90 seconds
Power Supply 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life Approx. 40 hours continuous use
Probe Length 400mm
Dimensions 21.7 x 6.6 x 5.6cm
Weight 400 g


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