MEATEST 140-50 Current Coil x50, 1000A


The MEATEST 140-50 is a combined 50 and 25 turn copper current coil, for calibrations of AC/DC clamp ammeters up to 1000A.

It increase the current outpt range of calibrators.

  • Dual multiplier x50 and x25
  • Simple, cost saving

Authorised Australian Distributor

pdf    M14050 Datasheet


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The MEATEST 140-50 Current Coil in connection with multifunction calibrator series M-140 / M-140i / M 141 / M-142 / M-142i / M-103 AC and DC clamp ammeters can be calibrated in range to 1000 A. The coil has to be connected to the current output terminals +I and –I in calibrator through cables. To avoid additional errors during calibration of clamp ammeters recommended mutual position of current coil to device under test is shown on following figure. Calibration of clamp ammeters should be performed on place where no magnetic conductive parts are presented otherwise error due to distortion of magnetic field around coil can influence uncertainty of calibration.

The MEATEST 140-50 Current Coil is designed to amplify current signal for calibration of AC/DC clamp ammeters up to 1000 A. The coil has two separate negative terminals for x25 and x50 coil circuits and one joint positive terminal.
Additional uncertainty 0.3% applies to DC as well as AC current up to 100 Hz.



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