HT Italia HT7051 Programmable Digital 5KV Insulation Tester


The HT Italia HT7051 performs professional insulation resistance measurements with test voltages from 100V to 5kVDC and has a wide measurement range up to 10Tohm. It also features Polarization Index (P.I) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (D.A.R) tests.


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The HT Italia HT7051 was designed to perform professional insulation resistance measurements with test voltage programmable up to 5KV DC and also has a wide measurement range up to 10Tohm, allowing applications for industrial LV environments (tests on electrical machines, power transformers, electrical cables, switchboard panels, generic devices, etc…)

Three different function modes are available on the meter: FIX mode (fixed test voltage), ADJUST mode (programmable test voltage), and RAMP mode (programmable test voltage and duration time with up to three selectable ramps) which allows for correct results in each situation.

The Polarization Index (P.I.) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (D.A.R.) available features are duration tests which permits to define a good behaviour of the global insulation.

The HT Italia HT7051 is powered by a NiMH rechargeable battery, also having an internal memory for saving results, and an RS-232 interface for connection to a PC to transfer the saved measurements. The instrument is housed in a portable, hard carrying case which assures safety when used as an “on field” meter.

HT Italia HT7051 Functions:

  • Insulation resistance measurement with test voltage up to 5kV DC.
  • Measurement range up to 10T ohm.
  • FIX Mode: with test voltages of 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, and 5000V DC.
  • ADJUST Mode: with test voltage selectable from 100V
    to 5KV DC.
  • RAMP Mode: with selectable duration time and test voltage.
  • Selection of three types of ramp test.
  • Polarization Index measurement (P.I.).
  • Dielectric Index measurement (D.A.R.).
  • True-Rms voltage measurement up to 600V AC.
  • DC measurement to 600V.
  • SMOOTH feature for stable measurement results.
  • GUARD test lead for surface leakage current compensation.
  • Min/Max limit selectable threshold on measurements.
  • Automatic discharge of device under test.
  • Internal memory for saving results.

Included Accessories

  • KIT 14000: Set of Three safety cables with alligator clips + Two safety cables with test leads.
  • C7001: Power cord.
  • BORSA2000N: carrying case for accessories.
  • TOPVIEW: PC software + RS-232 cable.
  • Calibration certificate ISO9000.
  • User manual.
General Specifications
Display Backlight LCD with three simultaneous measurement reading ranges
● Group 1: Insulation Resistance, Leakage Current, PI, DAR,
● Group 2: Test Voltage (nominal and generated).
● Group 3: Test time.
Bargraph 32 segments
Memory 700 locations
Low Battery Indication Yes symbol at display
Communication Interface RS-232 opto-isolated
Insulation class 2 (double insulation)
Pollution Degree 2
Overvoltage Category CAT IV 600V to ground, maximum 600V between inputs.
Instrument Safety CE mark
IEC/EN 61010-1, IEC/EN 61557-1, IEC/EN 61557-2
Technical Documentation IEC/EN 61187
Accessories Safety IEC/EN 61010-031
Reference Temperature 23°C ±5°C
Working Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity < 80% R.H.
Storage Humidity < 80% R.H.
Power Supply (internal battery charger) 220V to 240V 50/60Hz, 20VA
Battery (internal) NiMH rechargeable battery
Battery Life Greater than 1000 tests at 5KV on 5MΩ range;
Test time: 5 seconds; Delay between two tests: 25 seconds
Auto Power Off approx. 5 minutes after last operation
Dimensions 360mm (L) x 310mm (W) x 195mm (D)
Weight approx. 3.5kg


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