HT Italia HT2055 Step and contact meter up to 50A


HT Italia HT2055 consists in a power unit and a voltmetric unit, necessary for carrying out step and contact voltage measurements in industrial electric installations typical of AT and AAT (TN systems, transformer cabinets) with a rated test current up to 50A.

The two units, synchronized in time and current are capable of providing the correct value of step and contact voltages consistently with the real current values measured by the power unit, also taking into consideration the disturbance effects found on the measured circuit. It is also capable of measuring earth resistance and ground resistivity by the classical voltammetric method. These measurements can be saved in the internal memory of the voltmetric unit and downloaded onto the PC through the provided Windows software.

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The HT Italia HT2055 is composed of a station and a meter designed to perform step/contact voltage measurements on electrical installations such as HV power stations (TN systems, electrical substations) with a rated test current of up to 50A according to international guidelines. Both units, initially synchronized in time and current, can perform an exact calculation of step and contact voltage values, applying the real test current measured by the station. An internal DSP filter also performs the automatic compensation of noise voltage disturbances affecting the measuring circuit. The instrument also permits measurement of ground resistance with 3-wire method and ground/soil resistivity with the 4-wire Wenner method. All results can be saved into the instrument’s internal memory and downloaded to a PC through the Windows software.

HT Italia HT2055 Functions:

  • Measurement of Step/Contact voltage through separate units
  • Synchronization between units
  • Test current up to 50A
  • LCD dot matrix display on both units
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Ground resistivity measurement
  • Internal memory for data storage
  • USB and RS-232 ports for communication between units and PC
  • DSP filtering for compensation of noise disturbances
  • Dedicated Windows software

HT Italia HT2055 Standard Accessories:

  • Station unit HT2055S
  • Meter unit HT2055M
  • Power cord for HT2055S unit
  • Metal current probe, 1m length
  • Metal voltage probe, 60cm length
  • Metal plate (200x100mm), 2 pcs
  • Test cable black, 50m, 10mmq, with alligator clip, on wheel
  • Test cable black, 10m, 10mmq, with alligator clip
  • Test cable red, 50m
  • Test cable green, 10m, with alligator clip
  • Test cable red, 1m, with alligator clip
  • Test cable black, 1.5m length
  • Test cable black, with plug for HT2055M, 2x3m
  • Alligator clip black, 4 pcs
  • Rechargeable battery NiMH type AA, LR03, 6 pcs
  • External adapter 100-240V AC / 12V DC
  • USB cable
  • RS-232 cable
  • Windows software TeraView
  • Soft carrying bag, 2 pcs
  • Belt for use of HT2055M unit on neck
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate for HT2055M
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate for HT2055S
  • User manual
  • Carrying case

Optional Accessories:

  • Metal current probe, 1m length
  • Metal voltage probe, 60cm length

HT Italia HT2055 Specifications:

Accuracy is given as ± [% readings + (number of dgt * resolution)] at reference conditions
Step/Contact voltage measurements
Measure voltage range Resolution Accuracy
0.01 ÷ 19.99mV 0.01mV ±(2.0% rdg + 2dgt)
20.0 ÷ 199.9mV 0.1mV
200 ÷ 1999mV 1mV
2.00 ÷ 19.99V 0.01V
20.0 ÷ 59.9V 0.1V
Calculated voltage range Resolution Accuracy
0.0 ÷ 199.9V 0.1V Calculated value (*)
200 ÷ 999V 1V


(*) The calculated value of step/contact voltage is obtained by the relationship: US=Umeas ∙Iflt/Igen; UC=Umeas ∙Iflt/Igen;
Range of fault current (selectable) 10A ÷ 200kA
Input resistance(selectable) 1kΩ, 1MΩ
Noise reducing/erasing DSP filtering 55Hz, 64dB rejection on noise at 50/60Hz
Power unit
Power supply 230V AC (±10%), 50/60Hz
Max. power consumption 750VA
Protection on power supply fuse T 5A / 250V (5mm x 20mm)
Safety condition on meter IEC/EN61010-1
Safety condition on test leads IEC/EN61010-031
Installation over 1kVAC HD 637 S1
Eart/resitivity measurements ANSI/IEEE Std 81
Italian guideline CEI 11-1
Spanish guideline RAT 2008
Insulation class I
Measurement category CAT II 300V, CAT IV 50V
Pollution degree 3
Mechanical protection IP30
Display LCD dot matrix (128 x 64) with backlight
Internal memory 1000 locations
Generated current values storage for min 24h
Comunication interface RS-232 (with voltmetric unit)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 563 x 257 x 275mm
Weight (without accessories) 29.5kg
Voltmetric unit
Power supply 6×1.2V rechargeable batteries NiMH type AA LR03
6×1.5V alkaline batteries type AA LR03
Battery (chargeable) life 12 hours (typical)
External power supply 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz / 12V DC
Safety condition on meter IEC/EN61010-1
Safety condition on test leads IEC/EN61010-031
Insulation double insulation
Measurement category CAT IV 50V
Pollution degree 2
Mechanical protection IP40
Display LCD dot matrix (128 x 64) with backlight
Auto Power OFF after 15 minutes of idleness (not disable)
Internal memory 1500 locations
Comunication interface RS-232 and USB (to PC)
Dimensions (LxLaxH): 230 x 115 x 103mm
Weight (with batteries) 1.3kg
Reference temperature 10°C ÷ 30°C
Reference humidity 35% ÷ 65%RH
Working temperature 0° ÷ 40°C
Working humidity <80%HR
Storage temperature -10 ÷ 60°C
Storage humidity < 80%HR




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