HT Instruments IRONMETER Rugged True RMS Multimeter


The HT Instruments IRONMETER is a  true RMS digital multimeter with a double moulded plastic housing and high contrast 4000 count LCD display. It is IP65 rated and has been drop tested to a height of 3 metres making perfect for use on construction sites and industrial applications.

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HT Instruments IRONMETER Features:

The HT Instruments IRONMETER is the perfect construction site multimeter with a sturdy case able to withstand shocks of all kinds, always ready to get up after a fall, (even from 3 meters height) and continue to operate with the same accuracy and reliability. It has all the features required for typical daily usage an has an inbuilt LED flashlight to light up areas with poor lighting.

The HT Instruments  IRONMETER is a professional, autoranging TRMS multimeter with an impact resistant double molded housing. The HT Instruments  IRONMETER provides all the important functions of a True-RMS-Multimeter in a single compact handheld unit. The case has been designed specifically to make the multimeter more robust than ever before and making it as indestructible as possible. The measurement functions allow the use in almost all electrical areas. The HT IRONMETER is equipped with two high-power LEDs which guarantee a lighting range of up to 30 m. 

* DC voltage
* AC TRMS voltage
* DC current (up to 10 A (20 A max. 30 s) 
* AC TRMS current (up to 10 A (20 A max. 30 s)
* Resistance and Continuity Test & Buzzer
* Frequency
* Duty Cycle
* Diode Test
* Capacity
* Data HOLD, MAX / MIN
* Magnet for mounting on metal surfaces & Belt clip
* Light beam adjustable for torch lamp
* Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 45mm
* Weight: 200gm


Weight 250 kg


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