GW Instek GOS-6000 Series Analogue Oscilloscopes

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الخيارات الثنائية الإختراق مراجعة GOS-6000 Series Analogue Oscilloscopes provide a remarkable combination of high performance and compact design in bandwidth ranging between 30MHz and 50MHz. Coupled with various trigger functions, waveforms can be acquired and observed in diverse application fields. Signals can be magnified by a ratio of x5, x10, and x20 using the ALT MAG function. Together with the Cursor Readout and Frequency Counter functions (Models GOS-6051 and GOS-6031), the GOS-6000 Series offers tremendous value for your investment in testing and analysis. سعر جنيه الذهب الان بالسعودية Authorised Australian Distributor

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SKU: GW Instek GOS-6000 Category: Tags: , كيف تكسب المال عن طريق الانترنت GW Instek GOS-6000 Features:

  • 2-Channels, 4-Traces.
  • DC to 50MHz Model GOS-6051;
    DC to 30MHz Model GOS-6031.
  • 1mV/div to 20V/div vertical Sensitivity.
  • CRT Readout.
  • Cursor Measurement, 6-digit Frequency Counter, 10 sets Memory for Front Panel setting Save & Recall.
  • ALT, MAG Function (x5, x10, x20).
  • Vertical Mode Triggering.
  • Buzzer Alarm and LED Indicators

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Ordering Information
Model GOS-6031 افضل موقع للاسهم 30MHz, 2-Channel, Readout Analogue Oscilloscope, with Cursor and Frequency Counter. Includes: User manual, Power cord, GTP-060A-4: 60MHz (10:1/1:1) Switchable Passive Probe (one per channel)
Model GOS-6051 نشرت هنا 50MHz, 2-Channel, Readout Analogue Oscilloscope with Cursor and Frequency Counter. Includes:  User manual, Power cord, GTP-060A-4: 60MHz (10:1/1:1) Switchable Passive Probe (one per channel)
Optional Accessories
GTL-110 Test Leads, BNC-BNC
GTC-001 Instrument Cart (450mm (W) x 430mm (D)
GTC-002 Instrument Cart 330mm (W) x 430mm (D)

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