GW Instek GDS-2000E series Oscilloscopes,70/100/200 MHz, 2 or 4 channels


The six models in the GDS-2000E series from GW INSTEK offer bandwidths of 70, 100, or 200 MHz and 2 or 4 input channels.

Their  large memory allows you to record up to 10 Mpts, enabling detailed analysis of captured wafeforms.

Each Model is equipped with a large, 8-inch 800×480 TFT LCD display. With a maximum vertical resolution of 1 mV/div that allows you to see even weak signals and slight changes

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pdf_sml    GW Instek GDS-2000E Datasheet


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GW Instek GDS-2000E series 2 and 4 Channel models in 70, 100 and 200 MHz Bandwidths
The GW Instek GDS-2000E series digital oscilloscope series features bandwidth selections of 200 MHz, 100 MH, and 70 MHz. The two-channel models provide 1 GSa/s real-time sampling rate for each channel; while the four-channel models provide 1 GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate. All models are equipped with waveform update rate of 120,000 wfm/s.

Fast Retrieval, Precision Measurement
The GW Instek GDS-2000E series provides 10 Mega point record length in each channel with Waveform Search and Segmented Memory functions, which greatly enhance the value of long memory utilization of these DSOs. The 8-inch 800 x 480 TFT LCD display and the minimum 1mV/div vertical range allow the GDS-2000E series to measure complex feeble signals and clearly display complex and random waveforms.

Low Background Noise
For small signal measurement, oscilloscope’s background noise will affect the measurement results. The GDS-2000E low noise amplifying circuit can tremendously improve overall noise interference to produce the genuine signal demonstration.

Key features of the GW Instek GDS-2000E series Oscilloscopes:

  • 70/100/200 MHz bandwidth; 2 or 4 channels,
  • Real-time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s per channel for 2-channel models; maximum real-time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s per channel for 4-channel models,
  • Standard 10Mpts maximum memory capacity,
  • Waveform update rate of 120,000 wfm/s,
  • 8″ 800×480 TFT LCD display,
  • Max. 1 Mpts FFT for higher measurement resolution,
  • high- and low-pass filter,
  • I2C / SPI / UART / CAN / LIN trigger and decode function,
  • Datalogging function with time and interval settings,
  • “Zero” button enables instant resetting of horizontal, vertical, and trigger settings.

GW Instek GDS-2000E Keys

GDS-2072E GDS-2074E GDS-2102 GDS-2104E GDS-2202E GDS-2204E
Channel 2 ch + Ext 4 ch 2 ch + Ext 4 ch 2 ch + Ext 4 ch
Bandwidth DC to DC to DC to DC to DC to DC to
(-3dB) 70 MHz 70 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 200 MHz 200 MHz
Rise time 5 ns 5 ns 3.5 ns 3.5 ns 1.75 ns 1.75 ns
Bandwidth Limit 20 MHz 20 MHz 20 MHz 20 MHz 20M/100MHz 20M/100MHz