GW Instek GDM-8261A 6 ½ digit Digital Multimeter


The GW Instek GDM-8261A is a high precision 6 ½ digit Digital Multimeter with dual measurement displays, 11 measurement functions and 10 math functions at high accuracy (35ppm DC voltage accuracy) to accommodate the most frequently performed measurements needed today.

With the GW Instek GDM-8261A you can add the optional scanner card, which carries 16 Voltage Channels and 2 Current Channels, to facilitate the measurements of multiple-test points.

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pdf    GDM-8261A Data Sheet
pdf    GDM-8261A User Manual
pdf    GDM-SCI Scanner Card User Manual
pdf    GDM-8261A Remote Viewer Guide


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GW Instek GDM-8261A Features:
  • 6 1/2 Digit Display:1,200,000 count
  • DCV Basic Accuracy:0.0035%
  • Dual Measurements to perform two selected measurements simultaneously
  • Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
  • Provide AC+DC Voltage or Current Measurement Functions
  • 11 Measurement Functions & 10 Math Functions
  • High Resolution: Up to 100pA with DCI and 1nA with ACI Measurements
  • Temperature Measurement (RTD & Thermocouple) from -200°C ~ +1820°C
  • High Transmission Speed: Up to 2,400 readings/sec through the USB
  • Standard Interfaces : USB, RS232C, Digital I/O
  • Optional Interfaces : GPIB or LAN
  • Optional Scanner Card : GDM-SC1 (V ch x16, I ch x2)
  • Free PC software : DMM Viewer , LabVIEW Driver


Ideal for Bench Assignments

GDM-8261A Bench

The GW Instek GDM-8261A includes all the basic measurement functions that are required for engineers to handle design, development and testing of electronic circuits or products. The basic measurement functions include voltage, current, resistance, diode, continuity, frequency and temperature. The current measurement function covers a very wide range from 100uA to 10A for DC current (in 6 ranges) and from 1mA to 10A for AC current (in 5 ranges). In addition, the GDM-8261 features 10 Math functions (dBm, dB, compare and other mathematical operations) to accommodate specific measurement requirements and complex measurement applications that the user may require.

Dual Measurements with Dual Displays

GDM-8261A Display

Unlike most of the “dual display” digital multimeters, which show test result on the primary display and range information on the secondary display, the GW Instek GDM-8261A is able to perform two measurement functions simultaneously and shows the test results on primary display and secondary display respectively. The GDM-8261A supports an almost unlimited number of measurement combinations of dual measurement functions, besides the normal test result and range information displays, greatly increases the test speed of multi-function measurement tasks.

High Measurement Resolution & High Sampling Rate

GDM-8261A Sample Rate

The GW Instek GDM-8261A offers an exceptionally high resolution of 0.1μV for voltage measurement, 100pA for DC current measurement, 1nA for AC current measurement, and 100μΩ for Resistance measurement. This level of resolution and accuracy becomes a must for the precision measurements in specific applications. In addition, the GDM-8261A is capable of acquiring 30 measurement readings/s at the display resolution of 6 ½ digits and 2,400 readings/s at the display resolution of 4 ½ digits. The fast acquisition rate of the GDM-8261A adequately meets today’s measurement demands.

2 and 4 Wire Resistance Measurement

GDM-8261A Resistance

The GW Instek GDM-8261A offers two methods, both 2-wire and 4-wire, for resistance measurements. The 2-wire measurement is most commonly used for resistance measurement in the range from 100Ω to 10kΩ. Whereas the 4-wire connection is normally applied for resistance measurement at a value lower than 100Ω. When applied, 4-wire measurement automatically compensates the test lead resistance and connector contact resistance to get an accurate measurement result.

Store/Recall Function

GDM-8261A Store

The GW Instek GDM-8261A is able to acquire and record 2 ~ 9999 measurement readings for the “store” and “recall” functions. This allows an immediate observation of the maximum, minimum, average or standard deviation values of all the recorded data whenever the data acquisition stops.

Math Measurement

GDM-8261A Math

The “Math” function of GW Instek GDM-8261A includes four mathematical operations for measurements: MX+B, 1/X, Percentage and Stats. “MX+B” multiplies the measurement reading (X) by a factor (M) and adds/subtracts an offset value (B) to calculate linear offsets or scales. The “1/X” function divides 1 by the measurement reading (X), calculating the inverse of the reading. The “Percentage” function calculates the ratio of the measured value to a target value using the following equation: (Reading X – Reference)/Reference x 100%. The “Stats” function makes statistical calculations continuously or by a user-defined measurement counts. The statistical calculations include Maximum, Minimum, Average and Standard deviation. With these mathematical operations, the GDM-8261A makes complex measurements quick and easy without the complexity of manual calculations.

Temperature Measurement

GDM-8261A Temperature

The GW Instek GDM-8261A performs temperature measurement accommodating a wide range of temperature sensors of either thermocouples or RTD (Resistive Temperature Detectors). For thermocouples, the GDM-8261A uses voltage measurement terminals as the thermocouple input and calculates the temperature from the voltage fluctuation. Most of the popular thermocouple types are supported for temperature measurement on the GDM-8261A. For RTD sensors, the GDM-8261A calculates the voltage fluctuation arisen from the resistance variation due to temperature change. Either front panel terminals or scanner card terminals can be used as the input for temperature sensor.

Versatile Interfaces & Transmitted Speed

GDM-8261A Interfaces

For system applications, the GW Instek GDM-8261A provides USB interface and RS-232 interface as standard. Up to 2,400 readings/s of data can be transferred over USB in ASCII format. Either GPIB or LAN interface is available as an option to support the ATE systems currently in use.

Multipoint Scanner Card Measurement

GDM-8261A MultiPoint Card

The optional scanner card, with a field-installable design, is a self-contained multipoint measurement solution. This approach eliminates the complexities of software development for multi-point measurement and data processing. The scanner allows users to effectively measure multiple channels connected to a single GDM-8261A.

Convenient PC Software

For the convenience of remote control and long time data acquisition, a free software, DMM-Viewer, is supported with the GDM-8261A. This software allows user to remotely control the GW Instek GDM-8261A without the need to give commands or to develop programming software. DMM-Viewer’s human interface resembles the GDM-8261A front panel, which significantly shortens the user’s learning time. For the data capture through a PC, the software allows user to continuously observe the measurement results before saving them into a file. Further more, the saved files can be loaded and viewed as a graph for data analysis. When GDM-8261A works with scanner card for multi-point measurements, the DMM-Viewer allows user to easily select the measurement function and range for each channel and start acquiring measurement data promptly. The GDM-8261A LabVIEW driver is also available for free download. With this driver, the user is able to create a virtue instrument on the PC for the instrument control. With DMM-Viewer & LabVIEW driver, the GDM-8261A becomes a high value semi-auto ATE system without further software/hardware investments.




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