FLIR E40bx Thermal Imaging Infrared Inspection Camera


The FLIR E40bx thermal imaging camera is part of FLIR’s “bx” series of infrared cameras designed specifically for building inspection and diagnostic applications. The E40bx includes multiple features intended to make work easier in these areas, including unique FLIR Alarm Alerts. FLIR Alarm Alerts, included with all FLIR “bx” thermal cameras, allow you to set alarms to alert you to humidity and dew point levels, as well as areas where insulation is lacking. This can make diagnosing building issues faster and easier for you. The E40bx also features a temperature range of -20 to 120°C. This range is standard across all Exx-Series “bx” cameras and provides plenty of range for most home and building inspection applications.

E40bx Additional Specifications

  • High Resolution 160 x 120 pixel infrared imaging
  • Measuring Modes: 3 spot meters, 3 box areas, isotherm, auto hot/cold spot, Delta T
  • 45mK thermal sensitivity
  • ±2°C or ±2% of reading accuracy
  • 3.5” LCD touch screen w/ Auto Orientation
  • FLIR MSX Thermal Fusion
  • 3.1 megapixel digital camera
  • Integrated Laser Pointer & LED light
  • Drop Tested to 2 meters

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FLIR E40bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Key Features

  • 160 x 120 resolution, 19,200 pixels
  • Sensitivity of 0.045 °C
  • View and measure temperatures from -20 to 120 °C
  • Insulation and Dewpoint alarms help locate building anomalies
  • MSX Enhancement combines full infrared with visible light details
  • Wifi and Bluetooth for live streaming and capture to Apple and Android devices
  • Record thermal video directly to the camera
  • Save over 1000 image sets, with thermal and visible images


The FLIR E40bx Thermal Camera is one of the best values in the current FLIR lineup. It has a picture that is almost better than it should be, and offers a multitude of high end features otherwise unseen in this price range. The thermal sensitivity of 0.045 °C is equal to cameras costing multiples of the E40bx, and is largely to credit for its excellent picture. The “bx” in the name signifies that the FLIR E40bx is designed for those in the building trades, and it makes an excellent solution for anything from home inspections, to energy audits, to HVAC diagnostics. Many other professions not requiring high temperatures also choose the E40bx because of its notable sensitivity. Simply put, it’s one of the best pictures of any thermal camera under $5k.


The key to the quality thermal image of the FLIR E40bx is a combination of the 160 x 120 resolution (19,200 pixels), plus a larger lens that better collects infrared light, plus the above average thermal sensitivity of just 0.045 °C. Together this makes for a picture that rivals some imagers with twice the pixels. So why doesn’t everyone choose the E40bx? Since it is intended primarily for the natural and built environment, the temperature range is limited to -4 to 248 °F (-20 to 120 °C). Yet if you don’t need to image and measure objects over 248 °F, the E40bx is an excellent pairing of usability and return on investment.


Alongside the infrared camera, the FLIR E40bx also includes a visible light camera for documenting the area where a problem is discovered. To better light both your path and your images, a bright LED light is included on the E40bx. The real magic of the visible camera, though, is how FLIR can use it to improve the thermal image. Called MSX, or multi-spectral imaging, the E40bx can etch the outlines and patterns of objects in the visible image onto the thermal image in real time. In so doing, the thermal view now looks more like the world you usually see, yet with full thermal coloring and detail. MSX can be turned on or off via the touchscreen, and even added later in the included FLIR Tools software.


Wireless functionality is built right into the FLIR E40bx thermal camera. Using the free FLIR Tools Mobile app for iOS or Android, the camera can wirelessly connect to your tablet or smartphone, even creating its own network if one is not available. The tablet or phone can stream the live view from the camera, capture an image, and even record video. This is a great way to allow a customer or coworker to follow along with your inspection, or to quickly capture and send off a couple images by email. Wireless functionality also gives you the ability to mount the E40bx to a tripod and monitor the live feed from a distance when safety may be a concern. With FLIR Tools Mobile you can edit images to change settings, switch color palettes, and add measurement spots and boxes. Reports can be created right on your device and saved to the app or emailed to a client.

Bluetooth and MeterLink

Along with wireless, the FLIR E40bx thermal camera also includes Bluetooth functionality. This is used to connect the camera to a variety of test instruments from FLIR and Extech, including clamp meters, digital multimeters, and moisture meters. Data from the MeterLink equipped meter can be sent wirelessly to the E40bx for storage in the same file as the thermal image. For instance, a moisture meter can be used to verify water in a wall section first seen on the thermal camera. The data from the moisture meter will be stored with the thermal image of the area for easier reporting later. Additionally, Bluetooth allows you to connect a wireless headset and record voice notes with an image. Up to 60 seconds of your findings can be recorded with each infrared image.

Insulation and Condensation Alarms

As a “bx” camera, the FLIR E40bx includes two extra alarm functions to help identify troublesome conditions related to insulation and condensation in buildings. The insulation alarm can alert you to too much heat transfer through a wall structure, an indication of poor or missing insulation. Once you set the inside and outside temperatures and define a targeted insulation level (or thermal index), the E40bx will use a contrasting color to highlight areas that transfer too much heat. With the condensation alarm, you enter the ambient air temperature and the relative humidity, then the camera will identify surfaces that are at or near the dew point. These areas are at risk for condensation, and possibly the rot and mold associated with long term moisture issues.


In addition to still images, the E40bx infrared camera is capable of recording thermal video. This presents a great opportunity to record how leaks develop, or how airflow patterns change under differing conditions. Video can be recorded directly to the onboard SD card, or to a computer through a USB cable. When recording to a computer, the video can include all radiometric data for full point by point temperature analysis. If the E40bx is being used for a presentation, the camera has a composite video output for easy connection to a projector or monitor. A standard 1/4-20 tripod thread is included on the E40bx for stationary mounting and recording.


FLIR Tools analysis and reporting software is included with the E40bx camera. Available for both Apple and Windows platforms, FLIR Tools offers a convenient way to organize your images and videos by job, location, date, or other parameter. Once you import your images, you can add multiple measurement tools, including spot meters, area boxes with min/max/avg, circles, and line functions. Images taken in one color palette are easily changed between any of the many available palettes. Also available are isotherm palettes which highlight a certain range of temperatures, or temperatures above or below a threshold. FLIR Tools makes reporting as simple as selecting your images, adding notes, and exporting as a pdf document. You can even customize the report with your own logo. Or if you prefer to use another software, all FLIR images are easily exported and imported as common jpg files.


Adding to the appeal of the FLIR E40bx are the many extra features on which professionals rely. Optional interchangeable lenses extend the usefulness of the camera, giving you the freedom to get the best picture of your work, whether near or far. Lenses are available in both telephoto and wide angle configurations. The E40bx includes a built in laser pointer for easily locating areas of concern, and facilitating clear communication with your clients. The touch screen makes for quick menu navigation, and even allows text notes to be entered with an image. And if the object in view won’t quite fit on the screen, just turn the camera sideways and it will automatically detect and change the image orientation. The FLIR E40bx thermal camera has the right combination of image and features to help you get the results your clients need, and at a price that pays for itself in short order.


  • FLIR E40bx infrared camera with lens
  • Hard transport case
  • Battery
  • FLIR Tools download card
  • Handstrap
  • Memory card
  • Power supply, incl. multi-plugs
  • Printed documentation
  • USB cable
  • User documentation CD-ROM
  • Video cable

Warranty Information

The FLIR E40bx comes with a 2 year warranty that covers parts and labor, a 5 year warranty on the battery, and a 10 year warranty on the thermal detector (the most vital part of the camera).

FLIR E40BX Specifications

IR RESOLUTION (ARRAY SIZE) 19,200 (160 x 120)
FIELD OF VIEW 25°H x 19°V; Optional lenses available
TEMPERATURE RANGE -20 to 120°C (-4 to 248°F)
ACCURACY ±2% rdg. or 2°C
MEASUREMENT MODES 5 modes: 3 spots, 3 area boxes (min/max), Isotherm (above/below), auto hot/cold, Δ T
THERMAL PALETTES Arctic, Gray, Iron, Lava, Rainbow, Rainbow high contrast; plus all inverted
FOCUS Manual
DISPLAY SCREEN 3.5″ landscape touchscreen (widescreen)
DIGITAL ZOOM 2X continuous
MEMORY STORAGE 2GB SD card, 1000 images
VIDEO OUTPUT Streaming USB; Composite



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