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Compact Pin Moisture Meter

The MO50 is a compact pin moisture meter. MO50 displays moisture level in wood and building materials such as wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar. This product is complete with pins (4), protective cap and 9V battery.

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The compact Extech MO50 takes quick Moisture level reference measurements (in percent %) on wood and building materials. The Extech MO50 is simple to operate and offers measurement digits, audible tones and ‘moisture drop’ icons to indicate moisture level content.    The Extech MO50 is ideal for building restoration projects and applications where moisture detection on floors and under carpets is critical. The Extech MO50 is a great tool for analyzing the after‐effects of water leakage behind walls and in ceilings.

Extech MO50 Moisture Meter Features:

  • Displays moisture level in wood and building materials such as wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar
  • Audible Alert – tone rate beeps faster as the moisture level increases
  • Icons display low, medium and high levels of moisture content
  • Easy-to-use, compact-sized design
  • Data Hold freezes reading on display
  • Built-in battery level check and measurement verification test
  • Auto Power Off conserves battery power
  • Complete with pins (4), protective cap, and 9V battery

Using the Extech MO50 Self Test cap
Turn on the MO50 meter and set the meter to Wood or Building and press the electrode pins to
the contacts on the top of the Protective/Test cap.
Expected results:
Wood: 17.0 to 19.0%
Building: 15.5 to 17.5%
If the meter reads outside of these measurements replace the batteries.


Display                                         LCD with multi‐function indicators

Measurement type                       Relative Moisture Content (%)

Measurement principle                 Electrical resistance

Measurement indication               Digital, Moisture Droplet icons (1, 2, or 3 droplets) and audible tone with 8 levels of intensity indicating low to high moisture readings

Measurement ranges:    


Low: 5% to 11.9%; Medium: 12% to 15.9%; High: 16 to 50%

Building Materials

Low: 1.5% to 16.9%; Medium: 17% to 19.9%; High: 20 to 33%


Resolution                                 0.1%

Accuracy                                    ±3.0% for ambient conditions 22 oC to 25 oC (72 oF to 77 oF)

Electrode pin length                  0.3” (8mm)

Electrode pin type                      Stainless steel. Integrated, replaceable

Auto Power OFF                        After approx. three (3) minutes

Power supply                             One (1) 9V Battery (rear compartment)

Consumption                            < 15mA

Low Battery indication              When battery voltage is < 7.0VDC, approximately

Operating conditions                 5~45oC (41~113oF); 80%RH max.

Storage conditions                    0~50oC (32~122oF); 85%RH max.

Dimensions                               170 x 65 x 30mm

Weight                                       120g without battery

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