Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

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Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

توصيات سوق الاسهم السعودي عن طريق الجوال Non-invasive measurement to monitor moisture in wood and other building materials with virtually no surface damage. Select from 10 wood types and measurement ranges. Measurement depth to 0.75 inches (22mm) below the surface. LCD displays percent of moisture of wood or material being tested.

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Extech MO280 Theory of Operation

انتقل إلى عنوان ورل The square sensor on the rear of the instrument sends and receives a low power electromagnetic signal through the material under test. The LCD shows the average relative moisture content (in %) of the material under test to a max. depth of 20mm. Moisture that is closer to the surface of the material under test has a greater effect on the average than moisture deeper in the material. The MO280 is an auto-calibration device; no user calibration is needed

اخبار الاسهم القطريه The thickness of the sample under test must be at least 3/4” (20mm). If the sample is thinner, use a stack of samples to measure. Also, the measurement area of the sample should be larger than the MO280 sensor area which is 1.6 x 1.6” (40 x 40mm).

Extech MO280  Features:

  • Features 0 to 99 percent measurement range (limited by wood type)
  • Quickly indicates the moisture content of materials
  • Select from 10 wood types and measurement ranges
  • LCD displays % moisture of wood or material being tested
  • Automatic internal test and calibration
  • Measurement depth to 0.75″ (22mm) below the surface
  • Electro-magnetic testing technology
  • Low battery indication
  • Complete with 9V battery and pouch case


Sensor Type Non-Penetrating
Range 0 to 99% (limited by wood type)
Max Resolution 0.1%
Dimensions 136 x 70 x 28mm
Weight 156g


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