EXTECH MM560A MultiMaster Precision Multimeter CAT IV-600V


The Multimeter designed for your professional needs, rugged housing protects meter in demanding applications

This CAT IV – 600V meter is made to withstand the most industrial applications. MultiMaster meter is a AC/DC True-RMS, high accuracy multimeter. Features include trigger level, auto-off, continuity test, relative, hold, and peak capture. For process measurements, a 4 to 20 mA signal displays as 0 to 100%. Download data to a PC via RS-232 input.


  • Full range multimeter functions with 0.03% basic DCV accuracy and up to 20kHz True RMS ACV bandwidth
  • 50,000 count (500,000 for DCV and Hz) backlit LCD display with bargraph
  • Special True RMS combination AC+DC function for measurements of rectified AC (non-symmetrical) voltage & current waveforms
  • Filtered frequency function with adjustable trigger levels for variable speed motor drives and high voltage applications
  • AC/DC current to 10A with 0.01µA resolution
  • 4 to 20mA, displayed as 0-100% for process current measurements
  • Capacitance, Frequency, Resistance, Continuity, Duty cycle and Diode tests with 600V input protection on all functions (1000V on Voltage)
  • High resolution to 1µV, 0.0001Hz, 0.01Ohm, 0.01µA and 0.1°
  • Max/Min recording with autoranging, Auto Power off, Relative & Hold, Peak function captures transient pulses
  • Optional Windows compatible PC communication software and optically isolated cable
  • Complete with test leads, protective holster with stand and 9V battery

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   UL   CAT IV   3 Years

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EXTECH MM560A MultiMaster Precision Multimeter CAT IV-600V

Precision Testing Demands a Precision Multimeter

The Extech MM560A is part of the MultiMaster series of precision multimeters and ranks among the best in the Extech digital multimeter line. Designed with an emphasis on high accuracy, high resolution, and sophisticated functionality, the MultiMaster offers an unrivaled range of capabilities suitable for bench work while also a robust and durable meter for electrical and electronics testing in industrial and automated manufacturing environments filled with sensors, servos, and controllers.

Accurate Measurements

It is hard to beat the MultiMaster’s 0. 03 percent basic DCV accuracy. For benchtop testing and field troubleshooting of precision electronic components, the MultiMaster provides superior measurement confidence. The backlit 6-digit display provides 50,000 count readings and an astounding 500,000 counts for DCV and frequency measurements. A useful segmented bar graph simulates analog testing and quick “needle-swing” tests. The full range multimeter measures voltage, current, frequency, capacitance, and resistance. The frequency measurement mode is expanded with dual-range sensitivity for line (to 200 kHz) and logic (to 2 MHz) levels. Users can perform dBm measurements with 20 preset impedances. Duty cycle, continuity, diode testing are also included. Part of the Extech’s precision is its True RMS functionality. It can be very difficult to make accurate current and voltage readings in industrial and commercial applications when electronic devices are present. Fluorescent lights, motor drives, computer power supplies, and other electronic systems can distort the AC waveform, making it hard for averaging meters to get an accurate read. True RMS uses a more advanced formula to compensate for this kind of distortion. In addition to its 20 kHz ACV bandwidth that helps to paint an expanded picture of measurements, the MM560A offers a wide array of frequently used functions: maximum/minimum recording with autoranging, Auto Power off; Relative and Hold; and a robust Peak function that captures transient pulses.

Other Features

For convenience, the meter recalls the last function used when powered up. You can expand the versatility of the MultiMaster with optional Windows compatible PC communication software and optically isolated cable to transfer, manage and analyze readings on your computer. Technicians can be confident the meter is backed by a CATIV-600-volt overvoltage safety rating, protecting users even on devices that are connected to raw voltage distribution lines.

Specifications Range Max. Resolution Basic Accuracy
DC Voltage 500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V, 1000V 0.001mV ±(0.03% + 2d)
AC Voltage 500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V, 1000V 0.01mV ±(0.8% + 60d)
DC Current 500µA, 5000µA, 50mA, 500mA, 5A, 10A 0.01µA ±(0.1% + 20d)
AC Current 500µA, 5000µA, 50mA, 500mA, 5A, 10A 0.01µA ±(1% + 40d)
Resistance (Ω) 500, 5k, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M 0.01Ω ±(0.1% + 6d)
Capacitance 50nF to 9999µF 0.01nF ±(0.8% + 3d)
Line Frequency 5Hz to 200kHz 0.0001Hz ±(0.002% + 4d)
Logic Frequency 5Hz to 2MHz 0.0001Hz ±(0.002% + 4d)
Duty Cycle 0.1% to 99.99% 0.01% ±(3d/kHz + 2d)
Dimensions/ Wt 186 x 87x 35.5mm / 340g
Weight 1 kg


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