EXTECH EX570 12 Function True RMS Industrial MultiMeter with Infrared Thermometer


Advanced DMM With Industrial Duty Innovation

The Extech EX570 was designed specifically for industrial, plant maintenance, MRO, electrical, and other professionals like you who demand a meter as tough as you. The EX570 Industrial Multimeter with built-in infrared thermometer delivers every multimeter function you need, along with high accuracy and True RMS precision. The EX570 goes the added mile for versatility by offering a built-in infrared thermometer, an advantage pioneered on Extech meters.

Extech EX570 12 Function True RMS Industrial MultiMeter with IR Thermometer. True RMS, autoranging DMM with large digit LCD display and Type-K/IR temperature function


  • AC/DC Voltage & Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency (electrical/electronic), Temperature, Duty Cycle, Diode/Continuity
  • CAT III-1000V, CAT IV-600V Safety Rating
  • True RMS
  • Large, easily readable illuminated dual display 40,000 count display
  • Point & Shoot Infrared Thermometer
  • Powered by one 9 Volt battery

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   IP 64   CAT III   CAT IV   3 Years

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The EXTECH EX570 – Rugged & Ergonomic:

The Extech EX570 is designed to withstand harsh environments and usage with a rugged, double-molded housing. The large, illuminated LCD displays a five-digit readout (to 40,000 counts) and a useful 40-segment bar graph for analog comparisons and quick “needle-swing” tests. The EXTECH EX570 offers a wide array of must-have multimeter measurements including capacitance, frequency, diode, and continuity functions. You also get convenient, one-button access to frequently used functions: Min/Max, Average, Hold, Relative, and Peak Hold, as well as selectable auto-ranging or manual-ranging. To avoid fussing with selecting the right measurement range when working on a variety of components from small electronics to main electrical sources, the meter automatically adjusts with autoranging. And when a pen and paper aren’t handy, you can store up to three measurements in the onboard memory. In addition to being able to take temperature measurements using the type K wire probe, the EXTECH EX570 lets you make safe, point-and-shoot, non-contact temperature measurement with an integrated infrared thermometer that packs a useful 30:1 spot-to-distance ratio and includes laser pointer targeting. That means that at a safe distance of 30 inches, you are getting a temperature reading focused on a tight, one-inch spot. Put the IR gun away — the EXTECH EX570 not only ensures technicians can perform all essential electrical diagnostics, the built-in IR makes it easy to identify overheating motors, stressed bearings, overloaded electrical panels, abnormal vent temperatures, and other components from a distance — and without an additional meter.

Other Features

The EXTECH EX570 is a True RMS DMM. It can be very difficult to make accurate current and voltage readings in industrial and commercial applications when electronic devices are present. Fluorescent lights, motor drives, computer power supplies, and other electronic systems can distort the AC waveform, making it hard for averaging meters to get an accurate read. True RMS uses a more advanced formula to compensate for this kind of distortion. The meter features accuracy that is a tough-to-beat 0.06% and it is backed by a Category IV overvoltage safety rating, protecting users even on outdoor wiring. Powered by a 9V battery, the device has an optional auto power off function to conserve battery life.

EXTECH EX570 Features:

  • Built-in Non-contact InfraRed Thermometer with laser pointer
  • True RMS
  • CAT III-1000V, CAT IV-600V Safety Rating
  • 0.06% basic DCV accuracy
  • Heavy duty Double molded, water resistant package
  • Large backlit 40,000 count LCD with 40-segment bargraph
  • Memory for storage and recall of three measurements
  • Type K thermocouple contact temperature measurements
  • Features include HOLD, RELATIVE and PEAK HOLD
  • 1000V input protection on all functions
  • Min, Max and Average recording, Auto power off with disable feature
  • Capacitance, Frequency, Diode and Continuity functions
  • Complete with double molded test leads, magnetic hanging strap, Type K bead wire temperature probe, case, and 9V battery
General Specifications
Display Counts: 40,000 count
Basic Accuracy: 0.06%
DC/AC Voltage: 0.01mV to 1000VDC
0.1mV to 1000VAC
DC/AC Current: 0.01μA to 20A
Resistance: 0.01Ωto 40MΩ
Capacitance: 0.001nF to 10,000μF
Frequency: 0.0001Hz to 40MHz
IR Temperature (301 ratio): -30 to 550°C
Temperature (Type K): -45 to 750°C
Duty Cycle: 0.01 to 99.99%
Diode/Continuity: Yes
Dimensions: 184 x 83 x 57mm
Weight: 349g
Weight 1 kg


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