Extech EA15 Thermocouple Datalogging Thermometer

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Extech EA15 Specifications:

Measurement Ranges
 K – Type -150.0°C to +1370.0°C
J – Type -150.0°C to +1090.0°C
T – Type -150.0°C to +400.0°C
E – Type -150.0°C to +870.0°C
R – Type 0.0°C to +1767.0°C
S – Type 0.0°C to +1767.0°C
N – Type -150.0°C to +1300.0°C
J, K, T, E, N – Type 0.1°F/°C/K
R, S – Type 1.0°F/°C/K (0.1° for reference only)
J, K, T, E, N – Type ±(0.05% reading + 1.5°F(0.75°C)) below -148°F (-100°C)
J, K, E, N – Type add ±0.15%
T – Type add ±0.45%
R, S – Type add ±(0.05 of reading +2°F(1°C))
Temperature Coefficient
Outside the specified range
+18°C to 28°C
±(0.01% of reading +0.06°F per °F (+0.03 °C))
Below -100°C
J, K, E, N – Type 0.04% of reading
T – Type 0.08% of reading
Display Dual Display Multi-function LCD with Backlight
Input Protection 60VDC, 24VAC rms
Measurement Rate 1 time per 1.5 second
Over range indication “OL” appears on the LCD
Open input indication “OL” appears on the LCD
Low battery indication “BT” appears on the LCD
Manual Memory Capacity 98 sets
Datalogging Memory Capacity 8800 sets
Power supply 6 ‘AAA’ Batteries
Battery life Approximately 200 hours with alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Operating Humidity < 80% RH
Storage Temperature -10 to 60°C
Storage Humidity 10 to 80% RH
Dimensions 150 x 72 x 35mm
Weight Approx. 235g with batteries