EXTECH DM220 Mini Pocket MultiMeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detector CAT IV-600V


A Mini Pocket MultiMeter with CAT IV-600V safety rating and a built-in Non-Contact Voltage Detector. A red LED bar lights when live wire detected.


  • Large high contrast 4000 count LCD display
  • CAT IV-600V & CAT III-1000V Safety Rating
  • Non-Contact Voltage detection identifies live circuits
  • Built-in Flashlight
  • Measures AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current and Resistance, Frequency and Duty Cycle
  • Diode Test and Continuity Beeper
  • Built-in storage clips for integrated test leads
  • Double molded housing provides extra protection
  • Over-range and low battery indication
  • Complete with test leads and two AAA batteries

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   CAT III   CAT IV   1 Year

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EXTECH DM220 Mini Pocket MultiMeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detector CAT IV-600V

Extech’s DM220 is unrivaled in its combination of remarkable simplicity, multi-function versatility, pocket-friendly size, and robust CAT-IV overvoltage safety rating. The compact, autoranging Extech DM220 Digital Mini Multimeter is equipped with capabilities that are perfect for the electrical hobbyist, electronics tinkerer, or DIYer working on home improvement, automotive electrical, and A/V projects.

Functional Overview

Use the DM220 to perform more in-depth testing on existing and new home wiring outlet and lighting circuits and troubleshoot appliances like refrigerators and dryers as well as electronic devices found around the home and garage. With its small size and integrated test leads, it’s easy to have the DM220 handy wherever you are — even in a shirt pocket. Keep it in the glove box for on the road repairs. Handy for quick testing, use it to measure AC/DC voltage (to 600 volts) and current (to 200 mA). Measure resistance, capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle. Test diodes and continuity. To avoid fussing with selecting the right measurement range when working on a variety of components from small electronics to main electrical sources, the meter automatically adjusts with autoranging. This is especially useful when taking measurements that straddle the boundaries of two ranges.

Other Features

In addition to its electrical testing and flashlight functions, the DM220 adds even more value with a built-in non-contact voltage detector. You won’t have to search for a voltage pen in order to quickly and safely check for voltage prior to attaching the multimeter’s test leads to the device under test. A bright red LED alerts you to the presence of voltage whether the meter is on or off. And the built-in flashlight is great for looking into wall cavities, night-time roadside troubleshooting in or under a vehicle, or for illuminating dark basements, crawlspaces, and attics where lighting may be limited, unavailable or de-energized. In addition, the 4-digit, 4,000 count display is easy to read. Rarely seen in the pocket-meter category, the DM200 is backed by a CATIV 600-volt (CATIII 1000-volt) overvoltage safety rating, protecting users even on devices connected to mains/voltage distribution lines. Ultra-compact and ergonomically designed, the DM220 has a double-molded housing with storage clips to retain the integrated silicone test leads that stay pliable even when left in a service vehicle during the cold winter months. Buttons are sealed, membrane-style, to ensure dust-proof, trouble-free functioning.

Specifications Range Max Resolution Basic Accuracy (%rdg+digits)
NC Voltage 100 to 600VAC
DC Voltage 600V 0.1mV ±0.8%
AC Voltage 600V 1mV ±1.0%
Resistance 40MΩ 0.1Ω ±0.8%
DC Current 200mA 0.1µA ±2.0%
AC Current 200mA 0.1µA ±2.5%
Frequency 10kHz 0.001Hz ±1.0%
Capacitance 200µF 0.001nF ±3.0%
Duty Cycle Yes
Diode Test Yes
Continuity Test Yes
Dimensions 120 x 55 x 40mm
Weight 145g
Weight .3 kg


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