EXTECH DC400 400A DC Mini Clamp Meter


Extech DC400 Mini DC Clamp Meter

The compact Extech DC400 is a very simple-to-use, mini DC clamp meter with a right-sized jaw designed to reach in small areas while providing 10 mA resolution and very low-current sensitivity. This CAT II-rated clamp meter can be used in essential current-related troubleshooting applications in automotive, fleet maintenance, heavy equipment, marine, and motorcycle repair.

Key Functionality

Depending on a given job, you can select from two DC current ranges: 40 amp and 400 amp. The 40-amp range with 10 mA resolution is optimized for finding problems where low current variances would be missed by standard clamp meters. The current-only functionality of this clamp meter means you twist the dial to one of two ranges and clamp your wire to measure — twist-and-go — no additional configuration is needed. Whether you are troubleshooting a truck’s alternator or a yacht’s genset. The two DC ranges and go-anywhere 1.2-inch (30mm) jaw opening is compact enough to fit in tight locations, such as inside engine bays and instrument panels. The useful Data Hold function freezes the display while the one-touch zero function makes it easy to perform relative measurements. The 4-digit (4,000 count) readout is easy to read, and Auto Power Off preserves battery life.

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   CAT II   1 Year

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The Extech Instruments Model DC400 clamp meter that measures up to 400A DC. This device is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service. Please visit our website (www.extech.com) to register the meter and to check for the latest version of this User Guide

Extech DC400 clamp meter DC Current Measurements   1. Set the Function switch to the 40A or 400A DC range. 2. With no conductor in the jaws, press the ZERO button to null the meter display. 3. Press the Trigger to open the current sense Jaw. 4. Fully enclose one conductor to be measured. Do not allow a gap between the two halves of the jaw. 5. Read the DCA value on the display. Data Hold To freeze the current reading on the LCD, press the HOLD button. To release the Data Hold function and return the meter to normal operation, press the HOLD button again.

Battery Replacement 1. When the low battery symbol appears on the LCD the battery must be replaced.   2. Remove the orange rubberized cover. 3. Remove the battery compartment screw. 4. Lift off the battery compartment cover and replace the 9V battery. 5. Replace compartment cover and secure the screw

Extech DC400 Specifications


DC Current
Ranges 40.00A, 400.0A
Resolution 10mA, 100mA
Basic Accuracy ±(3.5%+3d)
Dimensions 208 x 43 x 30mm
Weight 290g



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