EXTECH AUT30 30A Current Tester


Automotive Current Tester ATC Fuse, 30-Amp
Check up to 30 amps without breaking the circuit. ATC blade connectors plug into the fuse block. It has a measuring range of 30 amps/48 VDC (10 seconds, max) with 100 mA resolution and (±2 percent + 2 digits) accuracy. Results are displayed on a 3.5-digit LCD.


  • AUT30 30-Amp, Automotive Current Tester-ATC Fuse
  • (2-Percent + 2 Digits) Accuracy
  • Measuring Range: 30A/48VDC (10 Seconds Max)
  • 10mA Resolution
  • 75cm Connector Cable

Authorised Australian Distributor

CE   1 Year

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Extech Model AUT30

Extech AUT 30 Features

• Large digit LCD display

• For use on standard ATC blade size fuse circuits (AUT30) or mini‐blade size fuse circuits (AUT30M)

• Measuring range to 30A/48VDC (10 sec. test time max.)

Automotive 30A Current Testers

AUT 30

Extech AUT30 Operating Instructions 1. With the vehicle ignition OFF, remove the fuse from the circuit to be tested and set it aside. 2. Insert the meter’s fuse blades (3) into the jack from where the fuse was removed. 3. Insert the removed fuse into the meter’s fuse jack (4). 4. Press the meter’s On/Off button (2) 5. Operate the circuit under test for up to 10 seconds only; the LCD (1) will display the measured current. 6. When finished press the On/Off button to turn off the tester. 7. WARNING! The Fuse blade may become hot during testing. Allow to cool before removing. Do not test > 10 seconds.

Extech AUT30 BATTERY INSTALLATION 1. To replace the battery, remove the screw from the back of the unit and remove the cover. 2. Insert one 12V ‘A23G’ battery (observe polarity). 3. Replace the battery cover NOTE: If the meter does not work properly, check the battery to ensure that it’s fresh and properly inserted. Battery Safety Never dispose of batteries in a fire; batteries may explode or leak.


Do not attempt to repair this unit. There are no user serviceable parts. Do not expose unit to extreme temperatures/high humidity Do not use the unit if it is wet or damaged Do not apply more than the rated voltage between the probe tip and ground. Do not operate with the case open

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