Extech 382075 2000A True RMS AC/DC 3-Phase Clamp-on Power Analyzer

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The Extech 382075 AC/DC 3-phase clamp power analyzer measures, computes, and displays 3-Phase power on balanced or unbalanced loads.

Measures, computes, and displays 3-Phase Power
On 3- and 4-wire Balanced or Unbalanced Loads.

Other features of the Extech 382075 AC/DC 3-phase clamp power analyzer include display lead / lag current / voltage phase shift in degrees, store / recall last 5 readings, and dual displays.

The Extech 382075 AC/DC 3-phase clamp power analyzer comes complete with test leads, 9V battery, and convenient carrying case.

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CE   UL   CAT III   1 Year


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Extech 382075

Recording Data The power clamp can store 4 data points in memory. To store data displayed on the LCD, press the REC button. If the power clamp already has 4 data points memorized, the LCD will display FULL. The REC symbol will be displayed on the LCD if any data is currently stored in memory. To clear the meter memory, power the meter down.

Recalling Data from Memory To retrieve data from memory, press the READ button. NOTE: The rotary switch must not be set to the 3φ function when reading memory data. Once the READ button is pressed, the reference number of the data will be displayed first; the stored measurement data will then be displayed. While in the READ mode, the REC. and No. symbols will be displayed on the LCD. To exit the READ function, select another function using the rotary switch.

Extech 382075 Features:

  • Display Lead/Lag Current/Voltage phase shift in degrees
  • Store/recall last 5 readings
  • DC Current Auto-Zero
  • Dual displays: kW+PF, kVA+kVAR, phase-angle+Hz, Volts+Hz, or Amps+Hz
  • Advanced Relative and Min/Max functions


General Specifications
Conductor Size Cable Φ 55mm. (approx.) Bus Bar 65mm (D) x 24mm (W)
Display Dual 4-digit 9999 count LCD
Sampling time 0.5 seconds for Voltage and Current; 1.6 seconds for Watts
Overload Indication ‘OL’ displayed on LCD
Power 9V Battery (Heavy Duty Type)
Power consumption Approx. 28mA
Operating conditions 4 °C to 50 °C <85% RH
Dimensions 271mm (L) x 112mm (W) x 46mm (H)
Weight 647g (with battery)


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