EuroSMC PTE-10-LOGIC Secondary Injection Relay Test Equipment

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات استعراض EUROSMC

التداول بالفوركس The equipment PTE-IO-Logic responds to the need to simulate and analyze, in the field or in electrical installations, a logical control sequences for substations, industrial control systems, remote control SCADA systems, and especially in the field of protection relays.

تجارة الذهب والعملات As all modern numerical relays incorporate control logic in the actual relay, the PTE-IO-Logic monitors input signals and can condition the output response to these. The main problem presented with these types of tests, is to check that the correct sequence of events are achieved during commissioning tests. This requires that the entire control system and devices operate correctly with the actual mechanisms and elements of the installation. Not only does this need to be checked once, but usually repeated until the adequate adjustments are found and made, with the implied difficulty of this. This reduces the possibility of an incorrect operation which may lead to damage in the installation. For these reasons, an equipment, such as the PTE-IO-Logic represents an enormous advantage, in terms of safety and time saved.

الخيارات الثنائية مقارنة منصة The equipment is designed to operate in harsh environments, as the PTE-IO-Logic is mounted in a hermetically sealed anti-shock case. It’s reduced size and weight makes it ideal for field use.

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يمكنك محاولة ذلك Characteristics

  • 16 Inputs in 8 groups galvanically isolated.
  • 8 Isolated outputs.
  • Inputs and Outputs are configured with the EURO-IOLog software.

اتبع الرابط Applications
The application use of the PTE-IOLogic is extremely wide, given that it is capable of simulating any control situation, highlighting the following applications:

  • Simulation and analysis of logic controls in protection relays.
  • Simulation and analysis, and verification of the control system in substations.
  • Simulation of any breaker system.
  • Simulation and analysis of traffic control systems.
  • Analysis of logical programs in automatic remote systems (SCADA).
  • In general, to reproduce and to analyze any sequential programmed logic system.
  • A system with these characteristics saves time and the possibility of damage in primary equipment especially during the commissioning process.
Inputs الفوركس تداول There are 16 inputs in 8 groups commutable by software between AC/DC Voltage and Dry Contacts that are galvanically isolated between them. Input sampling time is 0.25ms.
Voltage Mode Low Sensitivity Input Impedance 220kΩ
Detection Level ±1.5V
Maximum Voltage ±360V
High Sensitivity Input Impedance 220kΩ
Contact Mode Open Circuit Voltage -4.5V DC
Current When Closed -20mA DC
Resistance Detection < 60Ω
Common Maximum Earth Voltage ±360V
Outputs 8 Relay Outputs isolation between them
Maximum Voltage 250V AC / 125V DC
Maximum Current 8A AC / 8A DC
Maximum Capacity 2000VA; 150W
Maximum Earth Voltage ±360V
General Specifications
Power Supply 100V to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions 340mm x 300mm x 150mm
Weight 5.4kg
7.7kg including nylon case and cables
Standard Accessories
Power Cord AC power cord (1.5m)
Software Configuration software, PTE-IOLog
Communication Cable RS-232 cable
Carrying Bag Nylon Protective Bag
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