EuroSMC Option: PTE-FCC Load Option


Mounted in the top cover of the PTE-100-C unit, the PTE-FCC Load Option consists of a group of power resistors and a capacitor set, designed to be connected directly to the current output.

The resistance value is selected by connecting to the desired tap.

The application of the resistor set is to increase the Load value when working with very low relay loads. This load improves the regulation of the current output value and the output distortion in the waveform. This enables the Variac to work with a better efficiency.

The capacitor can be combined with the Resistor set and different angle values up to nearly 90° can be obtained.

Resistor Set

(Ω ±5%)
Maximum Current (A)
Continuous Minutes
0.5 20 30
1 10 15
2 5 7.5
25 1.6 2
50 0.8 1
100 0.4 0.5


  • No polarity.
  • Nominal voltage: 450 Volts DC.
  • Value: 10µF ±10%.


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