EuroSMC MENTOR-12 Three-Phase Relay Test Set EUROSMC

انتقل إلى عنوان ورل EuroSMC proudly announces a new style of Relay Test Equipment: the Mentor 12. The Mentor 12 features leading-edge technology from the unique case design, an Adaptive Integrated Control, along with various power output configurations.

خيارات السماسرة الثنائية للمبتدئين موقع الكتروني Human Interface: Adaptive Integrated Control, an advanced concept in context-driven operation, with an 8-inch attractive, easy-to-use high resolution color touch panel. Flexibility: Extensive choice of options in the (up to 12) power channel configuration, with plug and play technology. The best compromise between applications and budget.
المحامي خيار ثنائي Quality: The top-class craftsmanship and design from EuroSMC, in a compact, robust and reliable package.

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وسطاء الخيارات الثنائية في جنوب أفريقيا EuroSMC MENTOR-12 Main Features:

  • Swivel Touch-Sensitive 800 x 600 LCD
  • Built-in Windows CE® computer.
  • Rotary encoder for adjustment of test values and sliders.
  • Ergonomic custom case with anti-slip coating and transport handles.
  • Programmable Auxiliary DC supply with electronic protection.
  • Two three-channel bays for up to six voltage amplifiers with independent neutral, reversible to current mode.
  • 12 binary inputs with automatic dry/voltage contact detection. Software-configured logical processing.
  • High-accuracy voltage / current measurement input.
  • 8 binary outputs. Software-configurable relay or open collector modes.
  • Two three-channel bays for up to six isolated current amplifiers with independent neutral.
  • Connectivity set with 6 low level signal outputs, GPS antenna, digital expansion port, Centronics, RS-232, Ethernet LAN, 2 x USB, VGA, Mouse, Keyboard.
Technical Specifications
الموقع هنا Power Output القفز فوق هؤلاء الرجال Voltage Amplifiers Current Amplifiers
Capacity 3 to 6 3 to 6
Output Ranges 0 to 150V AC / 0 to 5A AC / 0 to 212V DC / 0 to 7A DC 0 to 25A AC and DC
Power 100 VA continuous @ 37.5 V to 150V AC, 100W 100 VA @ 9.5A AC, 100W
Adjustment Resolution 5mV / 0.5mA 0.5mA
Reversibility Yes No
Accuracy 0.1% of the value ±0.03% of range (20°C to 30°C) at 50/60Hz
Distortion 0.1% at 50/60Hz (resistive load) 2% at 50/60Hz (maximum inductive load)
Isolation Yes (from mains and between all channels)
Combined Output Series and Parallel
Frequency Adjustment range: 0.0 to 2000Hz / Bandwidth: 3000Hz / Resolution: 5µHz / Accuracy: 1 ppm
Phase Angle Range: 0.0 to 359.9° / Accuracy: 0.1° / Resolution: 0.001°
General Specifications
Power 100V to 260V AC; 40/70Hz
Consumption Maximum 1600 VA
Display Color TFT 800 x 600
Control Touch panel + rotary encoder
Communications RS-232, 2 x USB, Ethernet, Centronics, PS2, VGA
Dimensions 422mm x 254mm x 511mm
Weight (unit only) 22.5kg (6 channel) / 29.8kg (12 channel)
Supplied Accessories
Test Leads Complete set of test leads with 4mm banana terminals
Adapter Terminals 16 4mm adapters to U-shape terminal
Power Cord 1 power cord 260V / 16A
Ethernet Cable 2-meter twisted-pair Ethernet cable
ActiveSync® Cable RS-232 cable
Fuses 1 set of 15 assorted replacement fuses
Mouse / Keyboard Adapter 1 PS2 adapter for keyboard and mouse
Low Level Adapters 2 adapters for low level outputs
Pen Drive 1 USB Pen Drive 512Mb
Carry Bag 1 soft organizer bag for cables and accessories
Manual 1 User’s manual
Certificate 1 certificate of calibration
Transport Case Sturdy ABS transport case with wheels and extendable handle
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