EuroSMC LET-60-VPC Grounding Circuit Measurement


The set contains two distinct functions, the current injection and the voltage measurement.

In the injection of current, a variable auto-transformer of current regulation is connected to a current producer transformer with various ranges of output. The current produced is measured with a shunt system connected to a digital instrument. This system of current injection makes possible to shift the current 180° in order to avoid possible stray current over the ground.

The voltage in step and touch measurement is made up with a digital voltmeter of 3-1/2 digits with an input designed so that the resistance will be 1kΩ. The precision of this set is ±1%.

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EuroSMC LET-60-VPC Characteristics:

  • Accessories for measurements incorporated.
  • Inversion of current output.
  • Regulation: 0 to 60A / 6KVA.
  • Current measurement accuracy: ±0.5%.
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±1%.


  • This instrument is designed to test ground circuit measurements, in what is called voltage in step and touch according to IEC standards used in some countries.
Display Dual 3-1/2 digit LED displays
Measurement Ranges 0.2V / 2V / 20V / 200V
6A / 20A / 30A / 60A
Internal Resistance 1kΩ in all ranges
Accuracy ±1%
Nominal Power 6KVA in continuous service
Outputs 0 to 6A / 0 to 1000V
0 to 12A / 0 to 500V
0 to 24A / 0 to 250V
0 to 60A / 0 to 100V
General Specifications
Power Supply 220V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions 350mm (H) x 350mm (W) x 700mm (D)
Weight 135kg
Standard Accessories
Power Cord AC power cord (1.5m)
Electrodes Two grounding electrodes (200mm x 100mm section 25kg ea one)
Cables Three rolls of cable for test leads (50 meters ea.)
Manual Instruction manual
Certificate Calibration certificate
Ordering Information
Model Name Description
EuroSMC LET-60-VPC Grounding Circuits Measurement Instrument




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