EuroSMC LET-4000-R


عرض اسعار الاسهم السعودية اليوم Model LET-4000-R
DC Current/Voltage Injection Test Set High DC current injection set to 5,000 amps

The LET-4000R is designed to perform high current DC injection test, used mainly in the railway industry to test extra fast relays used in the electric motors of a locomotive. The unit is supplied in two modules: the Regulation and Measurement Module and a AC/DC converter.

Regulation and Measurement Module performs the regulation of the DC current and is made with a variable auto transformer (Variac) regulating a three phase DC current with a power of 8KVA and a three-phase transformer of 8KVA with 2 volt nominal power in the secondary windings. A built-in ammeter and a timer give the information of the current injected and the operation time of the relay under test.

AC/DC Converter Module rectifies the Alternating Current (AC) to work with the above mentioned unit. The signal is rectified in a complete sine wave. The output are in two taps adequately dimensioned. This unit also contains the measurement shunts, which gives the measurement value to the ammeter located in the other module.

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EuroS MC LET-4000-R Applications:

  • For testing extra fast relays in DC current, mainly used in the railway industry.
  • In general, the use of any high DC current applications.

Main Features

  • DC Current output to 5000A, 8000W.
  • Built-in digital ammeter, 0.5% accuracy.
  • Built-in digital timer resolution 1ms.
  • Thermal and short-circuit protection.
الخيارات الثنائية النقد الاجنبى التحوط Model Power ثنائي الخيار رصاصة تحميل مجاني Ranges Maximum Current لماذا لا نحاول ذلك Timer مواقع Ammeter Motorized
Regulation Auxiliary
شراء وبيع الاسهم عن طريق النت Permanent أحببت هذا 60m هنا 15m 3m موقع اسعار الذهب بالسعودية 1m 1s
LET-4000-R 8KVA 4000A 4kA DC 5kA DC Yes Yes N/A N/A
Power Output
اقل مبلغ يمكن ايداعه والمتاجرة به في سوق الفوركس Range V max Measurement Accuracy Resolution
0 to 4000 Amps 2 volts ±0.5% of rdg ±1 digit 1 amp
0 to 5000 Amps 2 volts ±0.5% of rdg ±1 digit 1 amp
General Specifications
Power 8,000W
Open-circuit Voltage (taps) 0V to 2.65V (400A)
Supplied Test Leads 2 cables, 3 meters / 10 ft length, 185mm2 x 4
Power Supply 3 x 380 230V AC, ± 10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 65A
Dimensions 380mm x 440mm x 530mm / 520mm x 410mm x 590mm
Weight (unit only) 50Kg + 111Kg
Ordering Information
Model Name Description
EuroSMC LET-4000-R DC Current/Voltage Injection Test Set


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