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Since 1996, Rapid-Tech Equipment has been providing high quality test and measuring equipment to our customers at a substantial cost savings. When you are in the market to buy test equipment, Rapid-Tech Equipment is your complete test and measurement equipment resource. This website is designed to provide the most-up-to-date technical information, and it is hoped that you our valued customer will find out everything you need to know without having to look further.

Each month we list our Rapid-Tech Product Specials. It could be New Instruments on offer or a Special Price or Reward. learn more >


The Bottom Line

If you are faced with the problem of replacing your multimeter, Analyze the worst case scenario of your job, and determine what category your use or application fits into.
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This section is for our Principals Products. From time to time they offer Product Promotions and Price Deals through us on their behalf.  You will see the link at the top of this page. Link is at the Top of every page


You will see a link at the bottom of each page for the Technical Centre. The Technical Centre pages are filled with products recommended for a particular Industry.

The industry pages display helpful information, recommended models, current application notes and  some interesting  videos. learn more >.

Support Tips

When equipment operates at peak efficiency it not only uses less energy but also saves staff time for troubleshooting and repairs.


Why should I buy a True RMS reading instrument?  learn more >

Fluke IR Camera, LaserSharp, with Auto Focus and Wireless Connectivity

Fluke Ti400 IR Camera with
Wireless Connectivity

Tenmars TM-190 Multi-Field EMF Meter

Tenmars TM-190 Multi-Field EMF Meter

Reed Logo

Reed Multimeter and Clampmeter Quick Pick Guide

Prova Model 903 Digital Multimeter

Prova 903 Multimeter

GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer

GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer

Our product range covers
everything from

Multimeters, Wireless Test Tools, Thermal Imagers, Power quality recorders, Power Station Equipment, Infrared Cameras, Sound Level Meters, Lux Meters, Calibration tools, Calibration Software, Standard Lab Equipment, Clamp-on meters, Air Quality Instruments, Micro-ohmmeters, Ground Resistance testers, Water Quality Meters, Bench Meters, DMM's, HVAC testers, Temperature and Temperature Standards, Light meters, Hand-Held Equipment, Specialty probes and more .


New Models
Remember the AVO 8 and the Fluke 8020A, these were great instruments, in fact they became favourites. So why bring out new models?  learn more >

Model TM-414              Tenmars TM-604N
Tenmars TM-414             Tenmars TM-604N


The easiest-to-use Thermal Imagers with Wireless Connectivity have arrived from Fluke

Model Ti200 IR Camera, LaserSharp, with Auto Focus, Wireless Connectivity
Model Ti300  IR Camera, LaserSharp, with Auto Focus, Wireless Connectivity
Model Ti400  IR Camera, LaserSharp, with Auto Focus, Wireless Connectivity

What is Workskills?
WorkSkills is not a profit membership, association is open to agencies or bodies which have a responsibility for promoting vocational education and training in their respective countries/regions. learn more >>

GDS-200 and GDS-300 Series Compact Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
GDS-200/GDS-300 Compact Oscilloscopes

EuroSMC Raptor - Multifunction Primary Testing System
EuroSMC Raptor System


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Amprobe Ground Resistance and Resistivity Tester

Amprobe Ground Resistance
 and Resistivity Tester


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